Shawn Brady

Shawn Brady

Shawn Brady

An avid fitness enthusiast, Shawn Brady has been a committed ElliptiGO rider since 2010. He uses his ElliptiGO bikes as a complement to his weight training workouts, as well as for plain outdoor fun. He can frequently be seen riding the trails around Onondaga Lake and the Erie Canal. In addition to being the ElliptiGO Ambassador for the Syracuse/CNY area, Shawn is also an early investor in the company.

Shawn’s full-time profession is sales in the natural products industry, calling on chains such as Wegmans and independent natural products retailers. Beyond ElliptiGO, Shawn enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 son’s, a NY Yankees fan, and an avid skier. 

The Syracuse/CNY area offers many opportunities for outdoor activities and there is no shortage of biking trails, including Onondaga Lake and the completion of the 750 mile Empire State Trail, which includes the Erie Canal bike paths.

There is a decent group of ElliptiGO riders in central and northern New York, and it continues to grow as more folks understand the benefits of stand-up and elliptical cycling. Please follow his ElliptiGO Syracuse facebook page to stay up to date on local happenings.

Shawn’s info: [email protected] or 315.278.0869

Shawn Brady's Journey with ElliptiGO

Shawn Brady

How did you first hear of ElliptiGO? I first heard about ElliptiGO back in 2010 while reading an article in Entrepreneur Magazine. I was a fan of the elliptical machines in the gym, so this new product immediately captured my interest. I had also recently been laid off by my employer in the grocery industry, so I looked at this as an opportunity to inquire about any sales opportunities. My educational background is in exercise physiology, so I saw an opportunity to do something more related to my college degree. Long story short, I sent my resume, received a phone call a short time later, and was offered an affiliate role that included a nice discount on the 8S model. I immediately took advantage and I still ride that same model today. I’ve been an ambassador for ElliptiGO ever since.

Shawn Brady

How Do You Use Your ElliptiGO For Fitness/Exercise? I typically ride it about 11-20 miles round trip from my home to the trails around Onondaga Lake, 3-5 days per week. Depending on my mood, I take the paved trails on my 8S and/or SUB models, or the dirt & gravel trails with my MSUB. Also, all models work very well on the Erie Canal trails. During the winter months, I ride them on ElliptiGO’s Fluid 365 indoor trainer. With the quick shifting on the elliptical models, I find the trainer accommodates interval training quite well.

Shawn Brady

What do you love most about riding an ElliptiGO? I love getting outdoors and enjoying the scenery, as well as getting stopped by curious community members. It’s definitely an excellent conversation starter. When it comes to the actual riding experience, I especially love that it's so much fun that I barely realize I am working out. The low impact nature surely contributes to my lowered perceived exertion. The ElliptiGO also offers an excellent cross-training opportunity for my leg workouts.

What is your favorite ElliptiGO bike?
Oh, I love my 8S, which is the original model. However, my MSUB is a very close 2nd. It just depends on my mood. I typically go longer on the 8S/8C, while the MSUB offers me a quicker, more intense workout & allows me to go off the beaten path. Being an SU sports fan, I also like that my MSUB is “Syracuse Orange” in color!

What is your favorite local ride?
I love the trails around Onondaga Lake as it’s closest to my home. However, lately I have been enjoying the Erie Canal paths. There are several areas to explore now with the new trail extensions.

What is your longest or most memorable ride?
Most of my rides are about the same distance, but I have especially enjoyed traveling to Portland, ME with my family each summer and enjoying rides along the water and exploring different towns. Locally, I would have to say it was last year’s Bike 4 Humanity ride as I put together a small group of local ElliptiGO riders, which was the largest assembly of ElliptiGO bikes at the same time in CNY.

Ready to Try an ElliptiGO Bike?

Whether you are new to ElliptiGO bikes and looking to test ride or a current ElliptiGO Owner in Syracuse / CNY / Thousand Islands / Lower NNY (Watertown), Shawn  can help, 315.278.0869  or [email protected].

ElliptiGO bikes available to test ride:

Long-Stride Bikes: 8C | 8S

Stand up Bikes: SUB| RSUBMSUB

Fluid 365 Trainer: Yes

Group Rides: I hosted a small Bike 4 Humanity ride last year. I plan to host some rides this summer. I also welcome any suggestions from our local rider community and encourage anyone to set up some rides that I can advertise on my ElliptiGO Syracuse FB page.

More info: Check out & like my Facebook page for ElliptiGO Syracuse for any updates on local events.  I plan to attend some Willow Running events this summer, in order to showcase the ElliptiGO models.


For questions or assistance, please contact Shawn at:
315.278.0869 [email protected]