Where can I find Bike Insurance for my ElliptiGO?

You may sign up separately for your ElliptiGO insurance with BikeInsure here.

BikeInsure offers a comprehensive policy for insuring ElliptiGO bikes and eBikes, both new and used. When enrolled, the BikeInsure plan includes reimbursement for repairs to your ElliptiGO bike and any listed accessories in case of riding accidents or during transit. Additionally, the policy covers stolen ElliptiGO bikes or eBikes when optional theft protection is selected. GO Get BikeInsure.



Does ElliptiGO have a Referral Program?

Yes, we do have a Referral Program. In the USA, refer a friend, family member or co-worker who purchases a new ElliptiGO bike either online at elliptigo.com or through one of our authorized US dealers, and both you and that person are eligible for $100 in ElliptiGO Referral Bucks. You can use these Referral Bucks towards the purchase of accessories and apparel from ElliptiGO, Inc. by calling 888.796.8227. (Note: Purchases from the same household are only eligible for $100 Referral bucks per transaction.) Referral Bucks cannot be used towards the purchase of ElliptiGO bikes, only accessories and apparel.

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