How easy is it to balance on an elliptical or stand up bike?

Balancing on an ElliptiGO bike is very similar to balancing on a regular bike while standing up on the pedals. As long as you have the skills to ride a bike while standing on the pedals, you should be able to ride an ElliptiGO. Here’s a video of beginners riding the ElliptiGO so you can see what their experience was like  https://youtu.be/5ZH1277W7ls

Can elliptical bikes and stand up bikes climb hills?

Climbing is one of the best things that elliptical bikes and stand up bikes do. Most of our bikes have at least eight gears, and because you are standing the entire time, you are always in a great climbing position. We think the best proof of how good ElliptiGO bikes climb is the fact that every major cycling climb in the world has now been completed by an ElliptiGO rider. Here are some of their stories.

How fast can you go?

Strong ElliptiGO riders can hit over 20mph but it’s very challenging to maintain that speed because you are not very aerodynamic when riding standing up. Most riders ride somewhere between 12-16mph on their rides, which is much faster than they can run. The surprising benefit is that runners who ride their ElliptiGO bikes get to travel further distances and see more when riding.

Which model is best for runners?

For those looking to most closely emulate the running experience, we highly recommend you consider one of our elliptical bikes, the ElliptiGO 3C, 8C or 11R which have a long-stride length and muscle activation closest to running.  That said, if the elliptical bikes exceed your budget, our stand-up bikes are a great alternative and a better option compared to a traditional bicycle. To help determine which model is best for you, we encourage you to take our bike finder quiz.

Does it really feel like running?

The company was started because one of the Co-Founders could no longer run for fitness at the age of 33 because of knee and hip issues. He wanted to run again, but without the impact. Traditional cycling didn’t get him the same workout experience or feeling of running and he hated being stuck in the gym on an elliptical machine. This is how ElliptiGO was born. Many of our customer describe the experience as like “running on air,” especially on our elliptical bikes. And we’ve heard countless stories of customers getting the “runner’s high” while riding their ElliptiGO bike. Hundreds of elite runners, 300+ university and high school programs and thousands of current and former runners have turned to ElliptiGO because it is the closest experience to running, but without the impact.