Bryce Whiting

Where are you from originally?
Small little town in Western Massachusetts – Hampden, MA (town still doesn’t have any traffic lights)

What do you like to do in your free time?
Besides riding my ElliptiGO (seriously) and running, I enjoy spending time with family, which includes my amazing wife, Erin (who also works here at ElliptiGO), our twin girl soccer sensations, Taylor and Camryn, and our ball of energy boy, Brady.

Do you have any pets? One cat, one guinea pigs and two fish.

What ElliptiGO bike model do you have at home? My 11-year old ElliptiGO 8S FE (Founder’s Edition)

What is your favorite ElliptiGO model? I love them all but I have to give respect to the OG, my ElliptiGO 8S FE.

What is your longest or most memorable ElliptiGO ride? Probably the ride/race up Mt. Washington in New Hampshire back in 2010. It’s only 7.6 miles in length but you climb 4,727 ft at an average 12% grade. There are extended sections of 18%, and the last 100 yards are an amazing 22% grade! We found out cyclists were betting at the bottom of the mountain that Bryan and I weren’t going to make it. I enjoyed passing a few of them while they were walking their bike.

What is your favorite part about working for ElliptiGO? I truly love working with our amazing team and it’s a dream working for a company behind a revolutionary fitness category that positively impacts our customers (and the world) in so many ways. After 11+ years, I still get fired up when someone shares their story about how an ElliptiGO bike has changed their life. And that’s what keeps me going – knowing that there are some many other lives out there that we can touch.

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