Meb Talks ElliptiGO at Running Industry Event

Rob DeFipilis, Meb Keflezighi and Rick Muhr

Rob DeFipilis, Meb Keflezighi and Rick Muhr at The Running Event

ElliptiGO joined other industry partners in Austin, Texas this fall for The Running Event, a highly popular trade show featuring top players in the running industry. Four-time Olympian Meb Keflezighi, Boston Marathon running coach Rick Muhr and Runner’s High founder and certified USATF Level I Track and Field coach Rob DeFilipis took to the stage to talk about extending the runner’s active life in a panel discussion.

The entire panel discussion, “Healthy Profits from Healthy Runners,” can be watched here. While the conversation is geared toward retailers, all can appreciate the learnings shared. Key quotes include:

If I can stay healthy and consistent, I can produce results. If I get injured, then I have to play catch up and that’s when I can’t compete.” – Meb 

As an elite runner, Meb trained twice per day, morning and afternoon. In his late 30s, Meb changed his training philosophy, replacing his second run of the day with an ElliptiGO workout in order to maintain volume but avoid injury.

“In 2008, I didn’t get to compete at the Beijing Olympics (note: Meb was injured). If I had an ElliptiGO then, I could have properly trained on that leading up to that event and maybe I wouldn’t have had my stress fracture.” – Meb 

Meb missed the 2008 Olympics due to injury and easily could have left the sport. His main sponsor dropped him. Instead, he refocused. He had said before the 2016 Olympics that he was confident he would make the Olympic team because of his ElliptiGO training. At the time he was in his late 30’s, when most of his competitors were much younger. He did make those Olympics, at the age of 41.

People are open to trying new things, if you just show them.” – Rob

Rob knows firsthand the effect and power the ElliptiGO bike can bring to elite athletes, but his true expertise is helping customers. He credits ElliptiGO with driving new customers into his stores, saying people will “come in from an hour, 90 minutes to try the bikes – people that aren’t my normal customers.”

When he has ElliptiGO bikes outside his store, he says “people walking by see it and come in just to ask what that thing is. It starts a conversation, we get to engage them, we get people in our store who otherwise we never would have seen.” For a retailer, there is no more important piece to business:  getting customers into your store.

“Customers come to us all the time and say ‘They can’t run. Their knees are shot. Their back is shot.’ This is our opportunity to show them a product that they don’t know about. It keeps us special. It keeps us unique. It differentiates us from the big box store down the street.” – Rob

That’s a powerful testimony from a successful store owner who has been selling ElliptiGO bikes for several years. Meb wraps up with one last takeaway:

“Doing the small things make the big difference. You have to take care of your body. If you don’t invest in your body, you are going to hate it because when you get injured, your recovery is going to be extra-long, and you aren’t going to come back fast. You have to invest in yourself.” – Meb

Invest in yourself with ElliptiGO and pass along your knowledge to others. Show them the ElliptiGO. Share your expertise.


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