Adjust Gears from Slipping on 3C

For a video demonstration on the procedure below, please view here

Internally geared hubs work differently than traditional bicycles with derailleur systems. An internal hub uses cable spring tension to shift gears. When climbing a hill while trying to shift into an easier gear, applying tension to the chain could result in the gear not releasing properly and not shifting into that gear. When shifting while climbing, it is best to ease off the pedal stroke then shift. To shift properly, fully depress the shifter and allow it to set fully into gear. When riding on flat terrain, an effective way to shift smoothly with the internal hub is to shift at the end of the pedal stroke before the next power stroke begins. If you are shifting properly and still experiencing gear slippage, you may need to adjust your hub.

If you are noticing a slight lag or gap when shifting the 3C, this is normal. Anticipating when to shift and easing into the pedal stroke will help smooth the transition between shifting gears and riding.

  1. Place the cycle on the kickstand and on a flat surface.
  2. Check the shifter cable by following the cable from the handlebars down through the frame to make sure the cable is fully seated and not pinched in the mudguard or not seated properly in the frame bosses. (see photo below)
  3. Shift into 3rd gear then down to 2nd gear at the handlebar gear shifter.
  4. Move to the rear of the cycle and check if the hub is properly aligned- the yellow arrow should be in the middle of the yellow lines. (see photo below)
  5. If the hub is not aligned you will need to make an adjustment. To adjust the 3C hub, use the barrel adjuster at the handlebars on the gear shifter.
  6. When facing the barrel adjuster: rotate the barrel adjuster forward (clockwise) if the arrow is above the yellow lines to tension the cable. Rotate the barrel adjuster backward (counterclockwise) if the arrow is below the yellow lines to loosen tension on the cable. (see photo below)
  7. Shift into 3rd gear and then back to 2nd gear and check the alignment. If the hub is still not aligned repeat steps 6-7.

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