Adjust Gears from Slipping on 8 series

For a video demonstration on the procedure below, please view here

1. Place the ElliptiGO on the kickstand and on a flat surface.

2. Check the shifter cable by following the cable from the handlebars down through the frame to make sure the cable is fully seated and not pinched in the mudguard or not seated properly in the frame bosses.

3. Shift down to 1st gear, then up to 5th gear and then down to 4th gear.

4. Move to rear of the cycle in the small display window if the two yellow set lines are aligned. If they are aligned no further action is needed. If they are not aligned, follow next steps.

5. The left (or inside) yellow set line is stationary and your “true point.” If the right (outside) yellow set line is above the left one, rotate the barrel adjuster on the handlebar clockwise. If the right (outside) yellow line is below the left one, rotate the barrel adjuster counter clockwise to tension the cable. When making the adjustments with the barrel adjuster, you should be facing the front wheel with the barrel adjuster in front of you (rear wheel behind you).

6. Continue rotating the barrel adjuster until the two yellow set lines are parallel.  Repeat step 3 to make sure hub is in proper alignment after you have made your adjustments.

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