Attach Front Brake Cable

For a video demonstration on the procedure below, please here

If you cannot get the front brake cable to attach because the cable feels tight, there are a few situations that could be contributing to the problem including the brake cable not being seated at the handlebars or may need to loosen the brake cable nut.

A. Check that the brake cable is properly seated in the brake lever.
B. Check the front brake cable to ensure that it is not too tight, if it is then:

  1. Loosen the brake cable bolt (turning counterclockwise) by using a 5mm Allen wrench.
  2. Use one hand to hold the brake calipers.
  3. Let out some of the excess cable, just enough to be able to attach the brake cable noodle into the brake housing.
  4. Re-tighten the brake cable bolt (turning clockwise). See secton III C if brakes are lightly rubbing on rim.

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