Free a Stuck Front Wheel

If the front wheel is not spinning there are a few situations that could be contributing to the problem,including the front wheel not being properly seated in the fork or the brake pads are stuck on the wheel. Below are the steps you can perform to resolve the problem, starting with the most common fix:

For a video demonstration on the procedure below, please view here:

A. Check that the brake cable is properly seated in the brake lever.

B. Re-seat the wheel

  1. Place the ElliptiGO on the kickstand and on a flat surface.
  2. Check the rotational direction arrow on the tire. The arrow will need to rotate clockwise when riding.
  3. Open the quick release lever on the front wheel.
  4. Insert the wheel into the fork drops. Press down on the head tube of the ElliptiGO to ensure the wheel is properly seated. If the wheel is not wanting to seat, the tension nut may need to be loosened to allow for more clearance. Now apply downward pressure to the frame and fork with the wheel resting on the ground, while at the same time closing the quick release lever. The lever should be facing rearward.
  5. Now reattach the brake cable.
  6. Squeeze the front brake lever on the handlebar several times, stretching out the cable.
  7. Rotate the wheel while looking and listening for the brake pad rubbing. If rubbing is present, start again at step 3 (or move to C).

C. Check the break pad to ensure that it is not rubbing.

  1. If the tire is seated properly but the brakes are still rubbing or the front wheel is stuck, the next thing to check is the location of the brake pad. It should be even/parallel with the rim and should not be touching the tire.
  2. To move the brake pad, use a 5mm Allen wrench and loosen the brake pad bolt to relocate the brake pad so it breaks properly against the rim then retighten.

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