How do I Inflate my tires?

For a video demonstration on the procedure below, please view here Download the PDF.

ElliptiGO comes equipped with tubes that have a long, skinny valve called a Presta valve. These valves are commonly found on high pressured inner tubes and feature an outer valve stem and an inner valve body.

In order to inflate your tires, you will first have to unscrew the captive nut. Then, place your bicycle pump head over the valve to begin inflating. Please note that older bicycle pumps may only have the Schrader valve head (such as the type found on your car). Many bicycle pumps available at your favorite bicycle or sporting goods store will have dual heads for either Presta or Schrader valves.

You can still use a Schrader pump to inflate a Presta tube, but to do so you will need a Presta Valve Adapter. To use the Presta Valve Adapter, screw in the threaded side to your bicycle pump head, and then place the round open side over your ElliptiGO tube valve. Inflate your tires to 85-90 PSI. Although your ElliptiGO has tires rated to 100 PSI, we have found best performance and tire life optimal at 85 PSI. Re-tighten the captive nut to seal the valve.

Tire pressure will naturally decrease (especially if you haven’t ridden in awhile) so before every ride, check your tire pressure and top off if necessary. If the ElliptiGO has been sitting for a length of time, you will want to fill the tires with air prior to riding. Do not ride on an under inflated tire. This will not only cause excess wear on the tire, but also affect how the ElliptiGO handles. Also, be careful not to over inflate the tire as it could cause a blowout.

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