2013 Masters Athlete Year Pilcher

Brian Pilcher Running

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (December 10, 2013)— USA Track and Field (USATF) named ElliptiGO Athlete Brian Pilcher the 2013 Masters Athlete of the Year this weekend at the Jesse Owens Awards and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. A three-time Masters Runner of the Year for his age group, Pilcher exploded onto the Masters running scene in 2006 and quickly became a dominant force in masters running. 2013 proved to be his most successful year so far as he won four USATF age group championships and was the top age-graded male runner in the entire field at the USA Masters 5K Championships.

Pilcher first integrated the ElliptiGO elliptical bike into his running regimen in 2010 following a hip surgery to repair a torn labrum. This injury and surgical procedure prevented him from running for an entire year. By relying primarily on the ElliptiGO, Pilcher was able to maintain his fitness during his recovery. Only nine weeks after he was cleared to run again, he returned to the Masters podium and went on to capture back-to-back Runner of the Year honors for his age group. Pilcher holds numerous Masters records and continues to cross train on an ElliptiGO bike as he pursues his running goals.

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