2022 Open Benelux Championships

Racing on ElliptiGO bikes doesn’t just happen in the US. The annual Open Benelux Championships was held on April 10th. Riders reached high speeds on the ultra-fast course. It’s a ~1.3 mile course that riders completed 20 times, for a total of ~26 miles. After the competition, the first one is crowned Open Benelux Champion.

Congratulations to all participants, in particular to the three riders making the podium.

  1. Nico Louage
  2. Geert de Mulder
  3. Hendrik Maes

There was also a social ride component with the festivities. The social ride, which started and ended at the barracks in Sijsele, a small town next to Brugge , one of the nicest city’s in Belgium and which is known as the Venice of Northern Europe. It was a fun, 21-mile ride around Damme in Belgium. Halfway, riders stopped for a waffle or ice cream, and after the ride enjoyed snacks and drinks with the ElliptiGO community.

Bucket list anyone?


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  1. Rocky Riviera says:

    How would someone get their elliptic to Benelux?

    • Tennille says:

      Hi Rocky,
      The best option would be to rent one there. However there are several shipping options that people use. If it is something you want to do at some point, we recommend emailing us at [email protected] and we can give you more specifics :).

  2. depeche says:

    is there a way to be on the mailing list for events like these , i love my elliptigo 8C and want to go to events like these locally ( from houston texas) or nationally in USA or abroad. Will like to participate in these events ( just did 40 miles tour de houston and going MS 150 soon)

    • Tennille says:

      We don’t have a direct events calendar or email but GERC ( does have a calendar events. Benelux is the biggest European event every year but I’m sure there are lots of others that happen organically. You might consider following our Benelux partner for ones abroad. Great job on the 40 miles in Houston!!

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