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  • Sonja Romijn

    Choosing Healthy Over Surgery

    The new year often brings a renewed vigor to people. In January, gyms and workout studios are bursting with new members seeking to burn off…

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  • Plotting ElliptiGO route

    GO Long, GO for Good

    Last summer, as the big “5-0” milestone approached, Lamorna Brown Swigart was looking to get fit. She knew she needed to improve her fitness to…

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  • Outdoor Elliptical Riding

    Help Your Bottom Line As Well As Your Waistline

    Exercise helps your waistline, but did you know it can also help your financial bottom line? A new study conducted by researchers from leading universities…

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  • Sara Vaughn CIM

    ElliptiGO Athletes Excel Across The Nation 2021 was a fantastic year for elite, collegiate, and high school ElliptiGO athletes across the nation! We’re proud to be trusted by top runners who...

  • 2021 Stand Up Champion Brian Kildow Palomar Ride

    2021 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS RESULTS On Oct. 24, the 12th annual ElliptiGO World Championships brought 30 athletes up Palomar Mountain in North San Diego County. The 11.69 mile route features...

  • Winter Classic 2022

    9th Annual ElliptiGO Winter Classic Recap Earlier this month, the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club (GERC) hosted the 9th Annual ElliptiGO Winter Classic in Scottsdale, Arizona. We had 35 riders from ten...

  • Anna Thatcher

    Anna Thatcher – December Rider of the Month Many members of our ElliptiGO family are no strangers to pain. Whether from a particular incident or simply from overuse, aches and injuries can be both...