Brian Reynolds Prepares to Beat The Clock in Chicago

If you missed a goal time in an event and still earned a world record, would you be satisfied? So many of us would be. To create a new standard and raise the bar would be success enough.

Brian Reynolds, a bilateral below-the-knee amputee, rocked London earlier this year when he ran 26.2 miles in 3:03:35. This finish shattered his previous record from Chicago in 2017. For Brian, besting his own marathon world record for bilateral below-the-knee amputees on its own wasn’t going to cut it. He traveled to London with the goal to break three hours. Although he came close, he returned home with unfinished business to attend to.

This weekend in Chicago, Brian is seeking to realize his dream: going the legendary distance in 2:59:59 or less.

For the vast majority of marathon runners, a sub-three performance would be an outstanding achievement. Brian isn’t just any marathoner. Brian lost his legs at the age of just four due to a rare blood infection. Though some may have doubted him, Brian never wavered in his belief that he could achieve everything he set out to do. Athletes like Brian remind us that anything is possible when you choose to leave limits behind.

During his training cycle for Chicago, Brian tells us he spent eight straight weeks completing two-a-days on his ElliptiGO bike splitting his time between riding the ElliptiGO on a stationary trainer and riding outside.

Brian’s story is energizing and emboldening people all around the world, and they are sharing in our excitement to watch him toe the line on Sunday. Runner’s World chatted with Brian and just published an article capturing his storyHe was also recently profiled with a group of other inspiring runners in a video series. Watch the moving short film that shines a spotlight on Brian below.

We hope you’ll join us in rooting for Brian as he seeks revenge on the timing clock. You can follow him from start to finish line on Sunday by downloading the race’s app and searching for him in the tracking feature.

Brian has got this, and so do you. Whatever goal you’re looking to reach, it’s time to get out and GO for it.

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