Checking In with July ‘15 ROM Katie Blau

In just a couple of weeks, cyclists from across the globe will come together for the oldest, largest and longest recreational bicycle tour in the world. Although the event offers a welcoming and fun environment, The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa is no joke. The course boasts 428 miles and 12,576 feet of climb this year. This will be the 46th annual RAGBRAI, and one ElliptiGO cyclist is GOing the distance for the third time.

You may remember Katie Blau, who we featured as a Rider of the Month in July 2015. Back then, Katie was just beginning to tackle long-distance events on her ElliptiGO bike. At the time, riding RAGBRAI was just a dream – and now Katie has made it a reality!

Katie has participated in two RAGBRAIs to date on her ElliptiGO and says that the event is very friendly to non-traditional bicycles. She notes having seen roller bladers, unicyclists, penny farthing cyclists, skateboarders, and hand cyclists. She has even seen participants donning extravagant costumes. Katie sees cyclists of all ages and abilities participating and is encouraged by the open and inclusive nature of RAGBRAI – the perfect place to ride an eye-catching and unique bike like an ElliptiGO.

She’s always excited to meet people who have never seen an ElliptiGO along the course. The common question goes a little something like this: “Now, you’re not running. You’re not biking. What are you doing?”

Her response? “I’m GOing!”

Her ElliptiGO won’t be the only sweet ride aiding her during the upcoming event. Katie and her husband, Kevin, have retrofitted a 2001 GMC Blue Bird school bus into the ultimate support vehicle. They’ve named it GOzilla.

We’re so proud of Katie and how far she has come in just a few years of GOing. She is achieving her goals and achieving them in style. Way to GO, Katie! We’ll be cheering for you.

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