Coaching Success: Jason Lewis of McKinleyville High School

McKinleyville High School team on ElliptiGOsMcKinleyville High School is located in Northern California, just outside the Redwood National Forest. The school’s cross country and track teams have grown significantly in recent years, and they take advantage of the beautiful running and biking trails nearby.

Believing in the need for cross training, Coach Jason Lewis purchased two ElliptiGO bikes for the program in the fall of 2015.  By the end of spring track season, there was so much demand for those two bikes that the school raised funds to get six more for the team, totaling eight ElliptiGO bikes that the athletes could train on together as part of their weekly schedule.

Lewis recently talked about how one athlete benefited from ElliptiGO training.

“One of our athletes recently had a bad case of shin splints. Prior to this, she completed a workout of 3 x Mile repeats averaging 6:24/rep. We had her train exclusively on the ElliptiGO for 3 weeks to let her shins heal.

McKinleyville's rack of ElliptiGO bikes

McKinleyville’s rack of ElliptiGO bikes

“Once she returned, we ran her through a few easy runs the first week back. At the end of that week, the team was running 5 x Mile repeats, and she thought she was up for it. We let her run and figured we’d pull her in the middle.

“To our surprise, she finished all 5 and averaged 6:16/rep. So with essentially training only on the ElliptiGO that month, not only did she maintain running fitness but she actually improved, which almost never happens traditionally while an athlete is injured.”

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