Couples On The GO

Happy Valentine’s Day! We know our bikes get your heart racing. On this day of love, we are shining a light on the perfect pairs who take to the road together. We asked our amazing community of riders in the ElliptiGO Private Facebook Group to share who they enjoy the ride with. Do you have your own love story on the GO? Share it with us in the comments below.

Cathy said, “My husband and I ride together all the time. Trying to stay healthy through our happily ever after!”

Barbara rides her ElliptiGO bike alongside Dan on his recumbent bike. She said, “He’s had my back (or I have had his) for 45 years. We’ve been nicknamed the Eclectic Twosome on the High Trestle Trail.”

Claire said, “Not yet, but my hopeful heart just bought a second ElliptiGO to open up that possibility!”

Kathy said, “We ride together when we can, like for the 2018 Spring Classic!”

Sayuri said, “When the weather was better, my husband and I were GOing on our bike routes at a large park and paved trails near home. When pressed for time, we GO on long loops in our neighborhood. He bought a used 11R last year. He has bad knees too, so we both enjoy hopping on our GOs.”

Tom said, “Tammie and I enjoy our time exploring unexplored trails and meeting new friends when we ride our ElliptiGO bikes!”

Meg said, “My husband Andrew and I are both runners, but we have very different paces. We can stick together when we ride our SUBs. You can find us exploring local bike trails on the weekends, standing tall and smiling!”

Djohara said, “Nothing beats riding outdoors with Niels. He always says: “Couples that play together, stay together.” Since he’s extremely fast, we can more easily ride together when we ride off-road or when he raced an Ironman the week prior.” She chuckles and continues, “For our honeymoon, we rode around the Big Island of Hawaii, fully unsupported. Niels dragged a bike trailer with all of our (but really mostly my) stuff for a week on end, which conveniently put his pace closer to mine. Fun fact: He made zombie noises to boost my speed up endless climbs, which included a volcano. Needless to say: It was an unforgettable adventure and we can’t wait for many more to come!”

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