ElliptiGO and Altis World: A Winning Partnership

Altis World is a professional training environment based in Phoenix, Arizona where world class Track & Field athletes can reach their highest potential with the best resources and coaches the sport has to offer. Founded in 2008 by two-time Olympic medalist and USATF Hall of Famer John Godina, the program and resources have grown substantially over the years, now serving over 100 athletes representing over 30 countries.

Sharing similar goals, ElliptiGO has joined the Altis support network by providing elliptical bikes at their training facilities to help athletes achieve even greater success through injury prevention and smarter training. Godina has recruited some of the best coaches across all disciplines to ensure every athlete is getting the guidance they need. “I really work hard to make sure our coaches and administrative team have everything in line for what they need, so they feel like they are pursuing what they love to do, the best way possible. If we take care of our people, then I know that the athletes will always have a great place to be,” said CEO Godina.

Some notable names that have helped create this coaching success include Performance Director Stuart McMillan, Head Coach Dan Pfaff and Endurance Coach Ricky Soos. Since ElliptiGO and Altis World’s relationship began last year, the ElliptiGO Sports Performance team has visited the Altis training facilities and has been working with their coaches and athletes.  Coach Ricky Soos has had extensive experience with injuries among his endurance athletes, including his own wife Lisa Dobriskey. After finishing fourth in the 2008 Olympics at 1500m, followed by a silver medal in the 2009 World Championships, Dobriskey struggled with many stress fractures and rarely maintained over 40 miles a week. Through alternative training methodology, Soos made it possible for Dobriskey to return to the Olympic Final in 2012 on only 20 miles of running per week, where she finished 10th in the world. Based on this experience, Soos is excited to utilize ElliptiGO training integration for his athletes. “Being a pretty injury-prone athlete myself, I’m well aware of the benefits of cross-training both in the return from injuries or in their prevention. Therefore it’s always been an integral part of my training philosophy, especially for certain athletes,” Soos said. “Cross-training can be a little demoralizing at times though, being stuck inside and away from training partners. The ElliptiGO bike allows injured athletes to meet with the rest of the group and be outdoors and connected with the environment.” He added, “The ElliptiGO bike’s range of movement and the fact that it’s portable make it far and away my number one choice for cross-training.”

Already finding success with ElliptiGO training is 2014 World 800m Champion and three-time World Relay Champion Chanelle Price. “Cross-training has always played a significant role in my training. I’ll have to admit, though, pool running or riding the stationary bike and elliptical can get pretty boring. The ElliptiGO bike has been a refreshing addition to my training regimen. It’s the closest thing to actually going for a run, and I really enjoy how it can be used both stationary or on the road,” said Price.

Price’s training partner and Irish National Record Holder in the 800m, Rose-Anne Galligan, shared similar sentiments through her experience with ElliptiGO training. “I love the ElliptiGO bike. It’s perfect for non-impact training on recovery days, but I find I actually want to do all my runs on it,” she said. After being plagued with injury herself, Galligan hopes to lower her Irish Record and become the first Irish female to break the 2:00 barrier in the 800 meters.

Like Altis, ElliptiGO has significantly grown the amount of athletes and teams they work with. While Altis is one of the largest programs on the roster, they join more than 30 professional teams that ElliptiGO supports, and hundreds more individual athletes benefiting from ElliptiGO integration. ElliptiGO is proud to support the goals of these athletes as they elevate their potential in both competitive sport and general fitness.

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