ElliptiGO and OOFOS Partner for Pan Mass Challenge

OOFOS Executives Ride ElliptiGO Elliptical Bicycles in PMC to Raise Money, Awareness for Cancer Research

SAN DIEGO, CA (August 6, 2015) – Duncan Finigan and Lou Panaccione, executives at OOFOS, recently completed the two-day, 188mi Pan Mass Challenge event on ElliptiGO elliptical bicycles, raising money for breast cancer as part of the Dana Farber WOW (Women Oncology on Wheels) team.

Finigan chose to raise money for Dana Farber because the foundation currently works to find solutions for advanced breast cancer, from which Finigan suffers.  Her doctor was a key member of the WOW team, while her brother and son also participated in the event alongside her and Panaccione. The Pan Mass Challenge will continue their fundraising efforts through October, hoping to hit their $45 million dollar goal for this year. To-date, PMC has raised just over $37 million dollars for the foundation in 2015. ­

ElliptiGO was proud to support Finigan and Panaccione’s effort by providing them with elliptical bicycles to use during their lead up training and the ride itself – making it a first-time appearance for the product in the PMC event. ­ “From what I could see of the 6,000 riders, Duncan and I were the only riders on the GO. I loved doing it on the GO and felt great … other than normal “good” fatigue, like I used to get from distance running. We got so much attention on the GO as most of the bikers never saw a GO before and were very curious and interested. I especially liked being in a standing position as I could take in the beautiful scenery along the way,” said Panaccione, CEO/co-founder at OOFOS.

In addition to providing the elliptical bicycles for the pair to use, ElliptiGO worked closely with Finigan and Panaccione, both self-identified runners, to prepare for the demands of a multi-day, long-distance cycling event. “To me, ElliptiGO is in a very unique position,” commented Darren Brown, marketing manager at ElliptiGO.  “Not only does our design naturally draw intrigue towards the riders and product, but we are essentially bridging a gap that tends to exist between cycling and running. Elliptical bikes provide an opportunity for runners like Lou and Duncan to participate in, and enjoy, a cycling event from a more familiar stand-point.”

OOFOS is continuing its fundraising efforts by offering ribbon-themed sandals for purchase on their site. Interested parties can also donate directly to Lou and Duncan’s individual Dana Farber fundraising pages, Duncan’s page, Lou’s page.


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