ElliptiGO Announces the SUB: Company’s Lightest, Most Affordable Stand Up Bike

ElliptiGO Inc., creator of the world’s first elliptical bicycle, unveiled today the ElliptiGO Stand Up Bike (SUB), the lightest and most affordable bike in the company’s lineup. The SUB is ElliptiGO’s most approachable model, featuring a familiar pedaling experience matched with a comfortable, stand up riding position. With a sleek aluminum frame, eight gears and custom foot pedals, the SUB enables riders to experience a responsive, low-impact ride, whether they are cruising comfortably, sprinting or climbing steep hills. Three fresh colors are available: sky blue, gunmetal and red. The SUB has a MSRP of $799.

“The SUB is our greatest innovation since our compact stride elliptical bike: it is intuitive, versatile and boasts great value. Most of all, it’s fun,” said Bryan Pate, Co-Founder and CEO of ElliptiGO. “We believe many people looking for a great workout outdoors or seeking a pain-free cycling experience will find the SUB the answer they are looking for.”

With the “stand up” movement in full force – whether recreationally on the SUP or at work with a standing desk – people are looking to get out of the sitting position. With countless people complaining about back, neck and bum pain every year, ElliptiGO sought to create a more affordable and accessible version of their elliptical bikes, which enables people to stand up, ride and say good-bye to aches. The standing position also enables a rider to burn 33% more calories than on a road bike, giving a better workout in less time.

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Brent Teal explained the advantages of the SUB over the traditional bike. “While you can ride your bike standing up, that’s not what the traditional bike was designed to do for an extended period of time, day in and day out. The architecture of the SUB provides a comfortable riding position, while standing on custom pedals,” he said. “Like every ElliptiGO model, the SUB delivers on the benefits of a better full-body and more time-efficient workout compared to a traditional bike. If someone wants to ride a bike for fitness, the SUB is an unmatched solution.”

The SUB is available now in the United States. ElliptiGO also offers competitive online financing options. For more information or to find a dealer, visit

Great Workout and Exhilarating Riding Experience 

  • Responsive, nimble and quick
  • 33% more cardio efficiency
  • Full-body workout: Engages your core and upper body, in addition to your legs
  • Weight-bearing exercise: Revs your heart rate and helps maintain bone density
  • Comfortable: Eliminates neck, back and seat pain through a natural “stand up” position
  • Great visibility and improved safety: Higher riding position helps you see and be seen
  • One size fits all

Product Highlights

  • Lightweight aluminum frame is ruggedly constructed to provide years of use
  • 8 speeds enable you to conquer the steepest of hills and sprint at speeds of 20+ mph
  • Custom engineered foot pedals provide a steady, safe and powerful ride
  • Ultra portable: Fits most standard bike racks
  • Telescoping steering column for easy height adjustment
  • Customizable with toe cages and fender accessories (sold separately)
  • Industry standard bicycle components that can be easily serviced

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