ElliptiGO Celebrates National Bike Month

Did you know? May is National Bike Month! This month celebrating life on two wheels is spearheaded by the League of American Bicyclists. Established in 1956, the LAB describes National Bike Month as, “a chance to showcase the many benefits of bicycling and encourage more folks to give biking a try.”

One of the prime events during National Bike Month is Bike To Work Day. ElliptiGO participated in this event last week! HQ team members road from Oceanside to Solana Beach, meeting up with fellow cyclists (stand up and traditional) along the way. Big shoutout to SANDAG and iCommuteSD for putting on a great event.

How can you celebrate Bike Month? Here are some ideas!

Take a test ride!

If you haven’t already, it’s about time you experienced the thrill of ElliptiGO bikes. Test rides are simple and easy to sign up for. Find a dealer near you or find out how to take a test ride in your own home risk-free! Ride on over to our Test Ride page to get ready to GO.

Make your own Bike To Work Day when you commute on your ElliptiGO Bike!

Bike commuting is not just great for the environment — it’s also a great workout and a ton of fun. ElliptiGO bikes of all kinds are a great option for a means of alternative transport. Give it a GO and tell us how you enjoyed it. Post to social media with the hashtags #ElliptiGO and #ElliptiGOCommute. Explore the stories of our customers who commute and get inspired!

Register for a bike ride!

ElliptiGO bikes can be ridden in local rides and races in your community. We have lots of amazing customers who show off the power of ElliptiGO bikes at events all over the world. Do a quick web search for cycling events in your area! Better yet, plan to join us for the biggest gathering of ElliptiGO riders: ElliptiGO Rally Weekend. Sign up to be the first to know when registration opens by clicking here.

The best way to celebrate? New Bike Day!

Make this the best May ever when you celebrate this month of cycling with a brand new bike. Is it time to take things off-road with the MSUB? Are you ready to run on air with our long-stride bikes? The possibilities are endless and your goals are limitless. Let’s shop.

Let us know how you’re marking the month in the comments below. Enjoy the ride!

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