Commuting On An ElliptiGO Bike

Whether you’re looking to burn a couple of extra calories or to positively impact the environment, we’re encouraging you to consider commuting on your ElliptiGO bike this Earth Day! We talked to a few customers who make traveling to work on their ElliptiGO bikes a habit. Meet them and learn more about how they GO to work.

Jim Cremer

Professor at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

When did you first start commuting via your ElliptiGO bike?

“I started right after I got my first bike in June 2013.”

How far is your ride to work?

“It’s only 1.6 miles each way on city streets.”

Cruise Along Or Crush A Workout

ElliptiGO bikes don’t require any special attire and don’t always require you to break a major sweat. Jim is able to ride to work in street clothes, donning a backpack full of the items he needs for the day.

“Then, my bike is with me and, since my job allows it, I am able to change into workout clothes some time during the day and go out for a real ride right from my office!” Jim said. “I do sometimes extend the to- and/or from-work commute with longer roundabout routes bike paths or interesting little hills, etc.  During the GOGO ‘17 and ‘18 September Team Challenges, I usually extended one or both of the commutes to 20-ish miles.  That reminds me that once I mimicked Stuart Blofeld’s crazy commutes and extended my to-work ride to 104 miles.”

Speaking of Stuart…

Stuart Blofeld

Software Trainer in the construction sector, Leighton Buzzard/Watford, UK

Does your workplace make it easy to commute via the bike?

“I’ve been responsible for the sustainability plan at my company for years. We have lots of bike racks, two shower blocks and changing rooms. We also have a free monthly breakfast for staff that are ‘active commuters’. This basically means anyone that travels to work via any non-motorized means gets a slap up free breakfast!”

To Work And Beyond

“I mainly use my ElliptiGOs for non-commuting rides. ElliptiGO IS my sport. I also run,” said Stuart. “I’m part of a very informal self-titled group: UK ElliptiGO endurance team. We like to ride looooooong! I regularly train for and ride on Audax cycling events. Audax is a very relaxed, but extremely well organised group that hosts long distance cycle rides around the country every week of the year. Distances vary from 100KM to over a 1000KM. The Audax community is extremely friendly and welcomed the inclusion of ElliptiGOs on their rides with open arms. Audax rides have a minimum speed that you have to complete the distance in, but they are not races. Just a great day(s) out. I’m currently training for a 600KM Audax ride in June which is on some very tough hilly terrain. In July, I have signed up for a 2300KM 10 day event covering Scotland, Ireland and Wales.”

Carol Galgano

Volunteer at The Bargain Box thrift shop, Morristown, NJ

When did you first start commuting via your ElliptiGO bike?

“I’ve been commuting for about three years.  I began to volunteer more often which took away from riding time.  I thought commuting with the GO would be a nice way to experience great fitness while having great fun.”

Does your organization make it easy to commute via the bike?

“The organization where I volunteer makes it easy for me to ride there.  I’m able to lock my bike outside the establishment. There are no showers available, but I bring a change of clothes.”

How far is your ride to work?

“18 miles round trip!”

Do GOod For The Planet

“Besides the fitness and fun aspect of commuting, by doing this I’m hoping it’s a way to positively impact the environment,” Carol said.

“Besides commuting using my ElliptiGO bikes, I ride quite often for recreation.  I can never get over the level of fitness the ElliptiGO bikes provide from a pulmonary, cardiovascular, respiration and physicality standpoint, not to discount the level of fun.  I feel as if I’m essentially running, cycling, skiing, skating, sailing, surfing and climbing! ElliptiGO bikes are an absolute blast to ride. To be able to commute using them is bonus!”

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