ElliptiGO Co-Founder Bryan Pate Discusses International Trade, Patents and Innovation on SXSW 2016 Panel

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (March 10, 2016) – The co-founder and CEO of ElliptiGO elliptical bicycles, Bryan Pate, will discuss his experience as an inventor at South by Southwest 2016 (SXSW) alongside a distinguished panel of international trade and patent experts. This panel discussion, Protecting Your Inventions From Foreign Knockoffs, is being supported by Save the Inventor, the same organization that created a documentary on innovation in the US featuring ElliptiGO and Pate. The presentation will cover how to safeguard ideas from misappropriation and seek retaliation in cases of intellectual property infringement. The panel will take place at the Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon E from 11-12pm on March 15.

Bryan Pate speaks before Congress

ElliptiGO CEO and co-founder Bryan Pate testifying before Congress on the need for patent protection.

Eight years ago, Pate and co-founder Brent Teal launched a successful business built around their patented invention, the world’s first outdoor elliptical bicycle. Since then, they have faced ongoing incidences of patent violations from knock-off companies, which have led to their pursuit for innovation protection. To view a short video detailing ElliptiGO’s experience with one such company, click here.

Since founding their company, Pate and Teal have been awarded 24 issued patents related to their inventions. They are passionate advocates for a strong patent enforcement system. According to Pate, “Without an enforceable patent system, innovation dies.” In 2015, Pate made several trips from California to Washington D.C. to discuss this issue with policy makers and lawmakers and to testify before the House Subcommittee on Intellectual Property about his concerns with pending patent legislation.

At SXSW, Pate will discuss the “how-tos” from his experience in founding a startup and his perspective on how pending legislation could impact American inventors. Pate explains, “If they’re going to change the system, the goal should be to issue better patents that are easier to enforce. The answer is not to undermine the enforceability of patents because that will discourage innovation.”

Other speakers on the panel include experts on international trade, patents and invention including David Kappos, former Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Deanna Tanner Okun, former Commissioner of the U.S. International Trade Commission and Kelly Slone, President and CEO BioUtah. Moderator for this panel is Brian Pomper, Executive Director of Innovative Alliance.

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