The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago Selects ElliptiGO Bicycle for New Exhibit

ElliptiGO at MSI ChicagoCHICAGO, IL (May 28, 2013)—ElliptiGO Inc., creators of the world’s first elliptical bicycle, today announced that the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI) selected an ElliptiGO 8S to display in its new exhibit, The Art of the Bicycle. The exhibit takes guests through the evolution of bicycle engineering, juxtaposing nine rare bicycles from the Museum’s collection with 14 of the most high-tech and cutting-edge bikes on the market—the ElliptiGO 8S being one of them.

The Art of the Bicycle is designed to inspire each guest’s inner-inventor and give them a sense of how bicycle engineering advanced over nearly 200 years. Though the first bicycle design was simple, that initial spark of innovation inspired creative minds to invent a personal form of transportation that continues to evolve today.

“This exhibit highlights the ‘inventive genius’ that has helped the bicycle become one of the most popular, enjoyable and environmentally-friendly forms of transportation,” said Kathleen McCarthy, the Museum’s director of collections. “The bike is special in that the changes made to its engineering were mainly made by its riders, who were continually inspired to improve designs and make the machine more adaptable, reliable and safe.”

Led by its Co-Founders, Bryan Pate and Brent Teal, ElliptiGO Inc. has continued to push the concept of the bicycle in a new direction. After more than four years of research and development, the company introduced the ElliptiGO 8S, the world’s first elliptical bicycle. The elliptical bicycle is a two-wheeled, human-powered device that is designed to emulate the experience of running while eliminating the impact. To achieve this goal, the elliptical bicycle brings together the fun and performance of a bicycle with the comfortable pedaling motion of an elliptical trainer.

Since introducing the ElliptiGO 8S in 2010, the company has launched three new models of elliptical bicycles and delivered more than 7,000 units to customers around the world. 90 riders have completed one-day elliptical bicycle rides of 100 miles or more and elliptical bicycles have been used to climb some of the toughest ascents in the country, including Pikes Peak, Mt. Washington, and Mt. Evans.

“We are thrilled to be included in MSI’s new The Art of the Bicycle exhibit. To be recognized by such a prestigious museum for our years of work in bringing together the best of running, cycling and the elliptical trainer into one package is humbling.” stated Pate. “There are a lot of people who don’t yet know that the elliptical bicycle even exists, so having it on display at MSI is going to really help raise awareness about the direction we’re heading with the design and use of the bicycle.”

The Art of the Bicycle exhibit is included in general admission and the ElliptiGO 8S will be on display at the museum through 2018.

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