ElliptiGO HQ’s Goals for 2019

Time flies when you’re on the GO! We’re already halfway through January and 2019 is in full swing. We’ve been looking back on the incredible things our customers and colleagues accomplished in 2018, and new wins are on the horizon! We asked everyone here at HQ to share their goals for the new year. Some are still formulating their plans for the months ahead, but a few of our team members already have put some great items on their list. Check them out below!


  • Qualify for the Boston Marathon again by running the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon in May in sub 3:20
  • Participate/compete in the Belgian Wafer Ride on an ElliptiGO bike
  • Break 1:30 in the 2019 ElliptiGO World Champs, on the tenth anniversary of the event and in my tenth year competing



  • Survive and finish the most unique cycling event in the U.S.: the Belgian Waffle Ride (140 miles)
    • Dj says, “…last year, my colleague Keri Cleeremans and I were the first people on the planet to finish the Wafer distance (70 miles, 40% dirt) on the (then brand new) ElliptiGO stand up bike. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done!”
  • Strength training on weekdays on my ElliptiGO stand up bike and on the ElliptiGO long-stride bike
  • Endurance and technical training on weekend days on my cyclocross bike



  • Do two new activities this year
    • Keri is already doing one: attending a writing group meet-up!



  • Run her first marathon
    • Jess says, “This past summer, I completed El Camino de Santiago, which is a nearly 500-mile trek across Northern Spain. I walked on average 16 miles per day for 35 days with an 18-pound backpack. After completing El Camino, I learned it is not about how quickly you accomplish your goal. The long process of completing the goal is transformative and more valuable.”
  • Complete a half marathon as part of her training
  • Train using Jenny Hadfield’s marathon training program, which is a combination of running, riding an ElliptiGO bike and strength training



  • Drink more water
    • Whitney says, “I am trying to make sure that at the very least I drink my entire 40oz water bottle each day!”
  • Do some sort of cross-training (weights/strength training/plyometrics/ElliptiGO riding) twice a week to help prevent injury



  • Lose 35 pounds
  • Run a 10-min mile
  • Complete the ~400 ft Torrey Pines climb with the team on an ElliptiGO bike
  • Complete the three duathlons as part of the San Diego Tri Series



  • Run lower mileage, but with higher quality — a bit faster, with friends, with a big smile
  • Participate in the ElliptiGO World Championship, an 11.69 mile route that rises 4,209 feet to the summit at an average grade of 7%
  • Go to the beach at least once a month



  • Complete the San Diego 5-Peak Challenge, which includes hiking and summiting Cowles Mountain, Pyles Peak, Kwaay Paay, South Fortuna, and North Fortuna, in one day


Are you ready for your best year yet? Tell us what you’re hoping to accomplish in the comments below, on our social channels, or in the private ElliptiGO Facebook group.


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