Injury Rehab

Has an injury or other medical condition forced you to stop running or give up the exercise you love? If so, the ElliptiGO may be a great alternative for you, just like it has been for many of our customers. Combining the best of running, cycling and the elliptical trainer into one low-impact device, the ElliptiGO enables people to stay active, keep moving and get an amazing workout outdoors. Plus it’s fun, too! You’re not stuck in a gym or staring at a black line on the bottom of a pool, and you no longer have to deal with the seat, back and neck pain of riding a traditional bike.

Comfortable and easy to ride, ElliptiGO bikes have made a real difference in the lives of people with a wide variety of injuries and medical conditions. Whether you need a high-performance, running-like workout to replace your previous training or you’re just looking for a fun way to get active and be outside, an ElliptiGO bike could be a great option for you. We have a variety of tools available to help you get back to your routine of choice. Get a free training plan for participating in long-distance cycling events, or returning to run-training with ElliptiGO-integrated training plans.

So tell us what hurts, and we’ll tell you how ElliptiGO can help!

Foot & Ankle | Knee | Hip | Neck & Back

Foot & Ankle

Stress Fracture | Achilles Tendinitis | Plantar Fasciitis | Metatarsalgia

MaryD Mary Decker Slaney – Osteoarthritis “I have been an elite runner for most of my adult life. Because of all of the injuries to, and surgeries on, my feet over the years, I can’t run on the ground anymore. I started riding an ElliptiGO, and I quickly realized that it is the closest thing to running. You can push yourself as if you were running – I can do almost any ‘run’ workout that I used to do while I was running competitively on an ElliptiGO. The ElliptiGO has inspired me – it is exhilarating!” 
Robert M. Conenello, DPM, FACFAS, FAAPSM – Immediate Past President, American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine “Many of my patients really enjoy all that running offers them; the aerobic exercise, the ability to enjoy the outdoors, and the stress relief. Unfortunately, many of these same people can’t run anymore because their bodies can’t handle the impact of running. For these patients I explain that with the ElliptiGO it’s possible for them to continue to receive all the cardiovascular benefits of running just without the impact.” READ HERE how Olympian Magdalena Boulet was able to use the ElliptiGO to maintain full training volume and optimism after a partial tear of her plantar fascia in the build-up to the 2012 Olympic Trials
NeilH Neil Hamilton – Achilles Issues Requiring Surgery and Shin Splints “As a result of running, I have had Achilles issues which ended in surgery, as well as shin splints and hip/back pain. The ElliptiGO has allowed me to work out as aggressively as I used to while running without experiencing any of the injuries. Because I’ve been able to incorporate vigorous training on the ElliptiGO while staying healthy, I have actually run a Masters 5K PR on just 10 miles/week of running. The ElliptiGO has brought joy back to my fitness routine.”READ HERE how ElliptiGO helped elite track athlete, Sarah Brown overcome a metatarsal stress fracture issues and get “back on track” to a world-leading performance.
BrianF Brian W. Fullem DPM, Fellow AAPSM “As a life-long runner with arthritis in my knees, I love the ElliptiGO as I feel it provides me with the closest experience to running and a great workout. As a Sports Medicine podiatrist I have every confidence in recommending the ElliptiGO for injured runners and as a great adjunct for athletes in every sport as it definitely helps strengthen an athlete’s core muscles without the impact of running.”


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Chronic Pain | Knee Replacement | Osteoarthritis | ACL/MCL/Meniscus Tear | Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Juan Reque Juan Reque – Physical Therapist, CSCS, ATP Trainer – Improving Chronic Knee Pain “Chronic knee pain is a long-term pain, swelling, or sensitivity in one or both knees. The pain isn’t always attributable to one incident; it just starts one day, and if it stays for more than two or three weeks it rarely goes away without treatment. Following patients’ feedback and their pain evolution, I have discovered that patients who received ART (active release technique) and deep tissue massage in combination with different form of easy movements, like riding an ElliptiGO bike regularly, always improve their condition to some extent.” READ Reque’s blog post about treating chronic knee pain, and learn more about his personal experience.


Jon Rhodes – MSPT, MBA, DPT – Osteoarthritis “It is so fun to feel like I am running again. I had to give up running a few years ago as my knees were starting to get early OA and my cartilage was wearing away. It has been difficult finding an exercise that gives me as good a workout as running without causing pain in my knees, but the ElliptiGO is that device. It is such a perfect blend of low-impact, great cardio burn, and fun! I am recommending it to all my former-runner patients and currently injured runners as a cross-training device.” READ HERE how Simon Gutierrez was able use the ElliptiGO to overcome a medial meniscus tear and resulting necrosis of the femoral head to return to podium-level racing and improved levels of fitness.


Dr. R. Jacob Kaler, M.D. – Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, Ozark Orthopaedics “In a sports-focused orthopaedic surgery practice, I have to tell patients daily that they need to decrease or eliminate their impact exercise. What I am finding with my patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis is that if they transition to more time on the ElliptiGO as part of their running program, it is a great way for them to keep running and stay in the running culture for many more years to come. “

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Hip Replacement | Torn Labrum | Hip Resurfacing | Osteoarthritis

BrianP Brian Pilcher – Torn Labrum, Hip and Knee Pain “I had significant cartilage deterioration and a torn labrum with bone-on-bone friction. I underwent arthroscopic surgery that shaved the bone down to anchor the labrum in place. I was unable to run without pain. By using the ElliptiGO over the course of a year, I was able to return to running and win the masters National Championships in the 5K and 10K.“ READ HERE how Brian used the ElliptiGO bike to overcome deteriorating cartilage and a torn labrum to return to top form within three weeks of his return to running.
JaneL Jane Legore – Total Hip Replacement “The first time I saw an ElliptiGO was just a few months after I’d undergone total hip replacement surgery. I had been encouraged to limit myself to low-impact activities, but all I heard was ‘don’t run’ or do any of the things I enjoyed doing. Discovering the ElliptiGO that day restored a feeling of hope and excitement for me. From daily, pain-free exercise to participating in events and meeting other riders, the ElliptiGO has enriched my life in so many ways.“
StephenB Stephen Bartol, M.D. – Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, Spine Specialist “I am using the ElliptiGO myself almost every day and I love it! No neck pain, no back pain. I have recommended it to my patients who miss running because of back, hip and knee problems and also cyclists who suffer neck pain on a bike. It is a great workout, no impact and a blast to ride.“


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Neck & Back

Osteoarthritis | Herniated Disc | Spinal Stenosis | Spine Fusion

JohnP John Pilkington – Spinal Stenosis and Degenerative Disc Disease “I am a former runner and cyclist who has had degenerative disc disease since I was 25 years old, and was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis in December 2009. My doctor told me that I could no longer run, and could only do limited cycling. I first started riding the ElliptiGO in March of 2010, and typically ride over 200 miles per month on my ElliptiGO. The ElliptiGO has helped my condition so well, that with my doctor’s permission, I can actually run again and I race a few times a year, with most of my training coming from the ElliptiGO.”
AdamLocketz Adam Locketz, M.D., FAPMR – Pain, Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine
“The ElliptiGO provides a low-impact cardiovascular workout that also engages core muscles, which protect the back from injury. Plus, using the ElliptiGO is fun, which can improve compliances with physician-prescribed exercise programs while reducing injuries and pain.“

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Consult your physician before trying any new exercise device, including an ElliptiGO bike.