Get Your Bike Ready For Spring

Warmer weather is here, which means more outdoor ElliptiGO riding time – insert collective cheer! As you take your bike off its stationary trainer or out of storage, it is a good idea to take make sure the different parts of your bike are in good working condition.

ElliptiGO Service Manager Keri Cleeremans advises, “For the longevity of your GO, have it serviced at least once a year. Spring is a great time to get that done, as your riding will ramp up as the weather improves.”

Your local ElliptiGO retailer, local bicycle shop or mobile bike shop are great places to get professional, expert service to ensure your ElliptiGO bike is responsive and safe for your outdoor adventures.

ElliptiGO ServiceElliptiGO Bike Service Checklist

☐  Tires
☐  Tubes
☐  Cables
☐  Brake pads
☐  Chains
☐  Tracks and load wheels (long-stride bikes)

Cleaning your bike periodically is always a good idea too. Happy riding!


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