Getting Back in the Swing with ElliptiGO

Naoki “Tacci” Tachibana works at a small print and media company in Tokyo and commutes to work every day on his ElliptiGO 8C. This makes him happy. He has enjoyed outdoor sporting activities all his life, especially golfing. He was even on his college’s golf team.

(L to R) Naoki Tachibana, Eiichi Shimizu and friend.

(L to R) Naoki Tachibana, Eiichi Shimizu and friend.

But the years of twisting his body to swing took a toll, and pain in his back and knees began limiting his activities.

About 1½ years ago, Tacci took an ElliptiGO 8C for a test ride and loved it. Since then, he has put over 7000km (4300 miles) on his bike, and he’s not showing any signs of decreasing that pace.

“My energy level has dramatically improved, and I’m now very fit, thanks to training with ElliptiGO!” he said.

During his rides, Tacci often uses his media expertise and a GoPro camera to capture photos and videos from interesting viewpoints, such as in this video looking backward between the 8C’s drive arms. According to Eiichi Shimizu, a representative of ElliptiGO in Japan, Tacci has become quite an ElliptiGO ambassador in Tokyo, frequently lending out his 8C to whomever wants to try it.

Tacci also enjoys renting an Arc from ElliptiGO Japan and taking it on night-time excursions through the city, occasionally stopping to snap visually arresting images. “I really like the intense level of workout I can get on the Arc,” he said. “It’s great fun!

“I’m most happy that riding ElliptiGO bikes doesn’t hurt my knees or back. I can almost go on forever!”

Photos by Naoki Tachibana.

Photos by Naoki Tachibana.

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