GO Gadgets: Accessorize Your Ride

Accessories will help you customize your ride for the ultimate experience. We asked the most active members of our community for their favorite accessories. Here are some of the top gadgets and gizmos they say you should consider adding to your ElliptiGO bike.

Toe Cages

By far, the most recommended accessory by customers and ElliptiGO employees alike are toe cages. Available for all three bike families, these adjustable cages give you both comfort and confidence. Increase acceleration, improve hill climbing ability, engage more muscles, and feel secure with every stride or pedal stroke. Add these to your SUB, Arc or long-stride model.

Water Bottle and Water Bottle Cage

Don’t risk dehydration while on the GO. Keep your favorite sports beverage close with an insulated Polar Sport bottle that shows off your ElliptiGO pride. Mount the water bottle cage to either the handlebars or the steering extender, whichever you prefer.

Tech On The GO

Members of our community love to stay connected and entertained while riding. Many customers use Bluetooth speakers and smartphone mounts. Why speakers? Lewis says it’s about safety and staying social. “I can listen to music without earbuds in my ears so I can still hear surrounding voices.” You can rock out while still being alert to traffic and your riding buddies! While we do not sell these items on our website, we know our customers have found ones that they love to use on the GO from local and online retailers.

Safety First

Our customers shared so many products that help them feel safe on the GO. Some favorites included bells, mirrors, lights, and taillights. Linnea says that her mirror, which helps her be aware of traffic around her, is a “Godsend!” Many GO riders mentioned storage solutions that attach to the bike, allowing you to carry your phone, fuel and anything else that prepares you for adventure.

Honorable Mention

Although these accessories only add a dose of humor to your ride, we can’t fail to mention the accessory that elicited the most reaction in the ElliptiGO Facebook group. (Be sure to join if you are interested in learning more about our community!) These googly eyes, shared by Kathy, will make your bike even more eye-catching!

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