International Elliptical Cycling Day

It’s time to celebrate life on the GO. International Elliptical Cycling Day (IECD) is here once again and July 13 will mark the fourteenth anniversary of co-founders Bryan Pate, CEO, and Brent Teal, CTO, formalizing their partnership to develop the world’s first elliptical bicycle in July 2005.

In February 2010, ElliptiGO introduced the first elliptical bicycle. This year, they released the MSUB, the first off-road ElliptiGO bike, and the RSUB, the premier bike in the Stand Up Bike family. ElliptiGO remains the industry leader, having sold more than 27,000 bikes to customers all around the world.Winter Classic

In honor of this special day, ElliptiGO riders will be coming together to ride long-stride elliptical bikes, compact-stride elliptical bikes and the latest stand up bike. Looking for a group ride? Check out details regarding get-togethers and events on the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club website.

No matter where or who you’re riding with, be sure to show us how you’re marking this GOliday. Stay connected through ElliptiGO’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages.


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