Larry Rode Around the World

There are no limits to what Larry Kirby can do. On February 24 of this year, he hit 24,901 miles on his ElliptiGO bike. In other words, he rode around the world on the streets of Portland. He accomplished this feat in 2,031 days or in just over five years. As of May 16, he has ridden 25,944 miles and 2,171 hours on his ElliptiGO 8C, our most popular elliptical bike model. He’s averaging an impressive 120 miles each week!

He used to ride long distances on a conventional touring bike, until he realized that the hunched over position and the seat were truly uncomfortable. He stopped riding and joined the gym, which was not exactly fun… A few years later, he discovered ElliptiGO bikes and was immediately sold on the concept and riding experience. Riding was fun again! By blasting 33% more calories in the same amount of time, he quickly lost a lot of weight and got into shape. He loves riding early morning and witnessing how nature wakes up around him. Staying healthy and fit, while enjoying the ride, is what pushes him out of the door each day.

People who lead meaningful lives are people who fail to make excuses for themselves. Larry’s story is a] fitting reminder that it’s never too late to recognize that you have great potential in yourself. He proves that through passion, perseverance and belief in yourself, you can improve your health and live your dreams each day. Way to GO, Larry! Read more.

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