Lisa Valle

ElliptiGO Enthusiast Lisa Valle

Lisa Valle

Lisa is a high school science teacher and has always been a runner (high school and college) and fitness fanatic. As a Masters athlete, she competed at the National and International level in Track and Field (800m and 1500m). Lisa says “As I age, I look for cross-training methods to stay fit and prolong and supplement my running. As a person who believes that high heart rate exercise reduces all illness and cancer and promotes well-being, I was overjoyed to experience ElliptiGO and find that the no-impact cardiovascular workout is the best I’ve found next to running itself.”

Lisa’s info: [email protected] | 505.917.3600

Lisa's Journey with ElliptiGO

ElliptiGO Enthusiast Lisa Valle

How did you first hear of ElliptiGO? I first heard about the ElliptiGO 7-8 years ago when looking for a cross training method to add to my running regimen.

ElliptiGO Enthusiast Lisa Valle

How Do You Use Your ElliptiGO For Fitness/Exercise? I alternate riding and running, though now I ride more than run. I use the ElliptiGO to add volume to my workouts and active recovery days between run workouts. I love the psychological benefit of not worrying about tearing up knees and hips and still being able to see lots of scenery whether it is a hard or easy workout.

ElliptiGO Enthusiast Lisa Valle

What do you love most about riding an ElliptiGO? I love the ability to get my heart rate up, sculpt and tone lower body muscles, and relieve stress in an outdoor scenic setting with minimal wear and tear on my body. I can ride my ElliptiGO for hours without the pain or injury that often results from too much running or the boredom that often accompanies indoor cardio machines. I also enjoy the fun and social atmosphere of a like-minded community of riders.

What is your favorite ElliptiGO bike?
I own an 11R, 8C, R-SUB, and M-SUB. The 11R is my favorite due to its number of gears, versatility in hill-climbing, and engagement of the running specific muscles (glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quads).

What is your favorite local ride?
My favorite local ride depends on my workout mood. If I am looking for strength work, I like to ride uphill in the Northeast Heights towards Tramway, and I will also do hill repeats on the road that leads to the Tram itself. For long, flat rides, I like the Bosque Bike path along the Rio Grande, which is accessible from many points across the city and offers scenery, some shaded segments, and many interesting stops.

What is your longest or most memorable ride?
I take at least one ElliptiGO on every road trip. I’ve ridden through the saguaros of Tucson and East Phoenix, among the desert peaks of White Sands Missile Range, the mountains of Southern Colorado, Grand Canyon, Santa Fe, El Paso, and Orlando, Florida, where I own a fifth ElliptiGO (an 8C).

Ready to Try an ElliptiGO Bike?

Whether you are new to ElliptiGO bikes and looking to test ride or a current ElliptiGO Owner in the New Mexico area, Lisa can help, 505.917.3600 or [email protected].

ElliptiGO bikes available to test ride:

Long-Stride Bikes: 8C11R

Stand up Bikes: RSUB | MSUB

Do you have the Fluid 365 Stationary Trainer: Yes

Group rides: I am currently working on organizing group rides.


For questions or assistance, please contact Lisa at:
505.917.3600 [email protected]