Lucky We GO

As March arrives, landscapes are starting to grow greener and ElliptiGO riders are dusting off their bikes, taking them off their trainers and preparing to embark back into outdoor riding. With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, we asked the ElliptiGO community to share why they feel lucky to have an ElliptiGO bike in their lives. Don your GO Green, don’t get pinched, and learn what makes our customers feel like they found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Lucky To Run Without Impact

After running for almost 30 years, more than 32,000 miles and completing 30 marathons, I had to give up the sport I LOVED for medical reasons. My Screamin’ Red ElliptiGO 8C let’s me feel like I’m still running without breaking down my body even more. ElliptiGO saved my sanity…and maybe my life.

– Tom R.

As a former runner who can’t run anymore due to injuries, minor (cartilage) and major knee surgeries (2 ACL reconstructions), I love to GO because I get a great workout in without damaging my fragile knees. Also, in the summertime, the heat doesn’t deter me from workouts as much as running did. 

–  Sayuri R

I love that I can mimic the “runner’s high” that I used to get when I was able to run. No other form of exercise, besides GOing, even comes close.

– Melissa S

Different health issues made it so I could no longer run. Walking was slow and difficult as well. After 10 yrs, the ElliptiGO 8C gave me the joy of running and doing a stand up exercise outside. Thank you all so much.

– Sue E

As a former runner, I knew the first time I saw a GO speed past me on RAGBRAI that I would want one! Now, I am speeding past bikes on a GO! I love it because it’s the best of both worlds … running and biking at the same time!

– Debbie W.

I love that I can train to run without running a lot…because I don’t really love running…(says the cyclist-swimmer who does triathlons for everything except the run.)

– Velo M.

Lucky To Have Fun

My red 8C, “Des ja GO”, is my sanity, stress-relief, antidepressant, endorphin-releasing self-care…how can you not GO?

– Barbara B.

I love that I have this huge, goofy grin on my face while riding, especially downhill as I scream, “Wheeeeeeeeeee!”

– Ramona G

I love my red 8C because, at 45, I’m finally the coolest kid on the block. 45 is the new 15.  It makes me feel alive and it’s great therapy.

– Kara M.

Lucky To Rise Up

I love standing tall above all the 19th century sitter bikes!

– Patti S.

Lucky To Share The Stand Up Movement

I love the “seminars” I have to deliver to strangers every time I GO for a ride.

– Randall W.


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