Dream Bike Leads to Dream Race

This bike helped me realize a dream.

I bought this bike for two reasons. One, I saw Jenny Hadfield using it to help with her running. Two, as a runner with permanent injuries, I needed a different way to train than doing “long run” training for the Dopey Challenge. For those not familiar with the Dopey Challenge, it is four races over four days as part of the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. The races are run in the following order: 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Full Marathon, along with 30,000 of your closest friends. In short, it’s insane.

Because of nasty ankle injury (torn Achilles and shredded ligament), I had to really readjust how I trained and train smarter, not harder…and not “longer.” So I did two things. I did ALL long runs using the ElliptiGO and did incline intervals on the treadmill. I just got back from the Dopey Challenge and finished ALL four races! AND took 33 minutes off my LA marathon time (slow, but I’ll take it!). The ElliptiGO bike is the single best training equipment I have ever bought. It allowed me to train without pounding my body and helped me to complete a dream race!!!! KEEP GOING!!!

Thank you so much… amazing, amazing, amazing!

– Lyn Paulos, ElliptiGO 8C owner, Lompoc, California

Lyn Paulos

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