Gaining Iron Strength With ElliptiGO

Thirteen-time IRONMAN Matt Petersen incorporates the ElliptiGO 8C and Arc 8 to gain peak performance for triathlon. The 40-year-old out of Third Lake, Illinois shares how his ElliptiGO bikes help him achieve impressive results, which include qualifying for Team USA at the Olympic Distance Age Group World Championship and competing at the USAT National Olympic Distance Age Group National Championship four times. Matt holds PRs of 1:20 in the half marathon and 17:32 in the 5k (set at age 38).

Why GO?

I watched the growth in interest in the ElliptiGO bike for a few years and then I reached out to the company to sell and rent it (Matt owns The Fitness Pursuit in Illinois). I saw it as helpful for athletes that get hurt, need a lower impact session, aged athletes that can’t run anymore and for the regular exerciser.

Personally, I like to get outside, but can only run and bike so much. I also have to careful with my knees, as I had reconstructive surgery in 1995. The ElliptiGO bike gave me another option to help with recovery and to get some extra hours to help tri/run ability.

My Training Schedule

During the warmer months, I ride one to two times per week. My route is about 10 miles/45-60 minutes, depending on effort and wind. Most sessions are really light to endurance effort. One example of a training day for me is a morning run of 4 miles at top Z1, a mid-morning long swim of 2-2.5 miles and an afternoon 10 mile ElliptiGO bike ride.

Why I Love My ElliptiGO Bike

I love how positive everyone has been that sees me – it’s crazy how many “love your bike” comments, smiles and waves I get when riding my ElliptiGO bike. The low impact is wonderful! I also enjoy the fact that my 9-year-old daughter will ride the Arc alongside me when I’m training.


The Benefits Are Endless

So many people should have an ElliptiGO bike! They are great for either cross-training or as a main exercise session. A friend or spouse can accompany you on your training sessions by ElliptiGO bike, and an injured team member, such as a cross country squad, can still be part of the team by biking alongside.

What’s Next

My #1 goal is to qualify for Kona. I want to continue improving my run pace for longer distances and stay injury-free, lean and strong.

Matt Petersen


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