ElliptiGO Launches “Meb Minutes” Video Series

Ten-Video Series Follows Meb Keflezighi’s Preparation for the Boston Marathon

ElliptiGO Meb MinutesSAN DIEGO, CA (March 3, 2014)— A group of elite athletes focused on using innovative training tools and techniques to improve performance, today launched a video series on called “Meb Minutes” featuring ElliptiGO Project member, Meb Keflezighi. In this ten-video series, viewers will get a never-before-seen glimpse into Keflezighi’s training for the 2014 Boston Marathon, plus his insights and tips for the everyday runner. A new video will be released each Monday leading up to the Boston Marathon on April 21st, with two post-race videos capturing his reflections on the race and future plans.

The videos of Keflezighi are filmed during his actual training sessions in and around the San Diego, California area, in locations such as Fiesta Island and Mission Bay Park. Each video will have a different focus, and include his key workouts, stretching regimen, drills, nutrition, cross training, and other “small things” that he credits with his success.

“We’re offering people a real, natural look into Meb’s workouts,” stated Darren Brown, Strategic Marketing Manager, ElliptiGO. “Meb shares his complete training sessions with us, including all of the non-running, ancillary exercises he does that have made him so successful. Meb is the first to tell you that these ‘small things’ are the reason he’s been able to keep running and stay competitive into his late 30’s. And what’s great is that these insights and tips are things that the everyday person can add to their own running routine to help themselves improve and stay healthy.”

Keflezighi had considered retiring at the end of last year, but has some remaining goals left within the sport of running that he wants to achieve. The Olympic Silver Medalist and 2009 New York City Marathon champion wants to win Boston because of the significance the race has both for the running community and the city of Boston itself after last year’s tragic events. “I really want to win in Boston because to have an American win this year would be so special,” stated Keflezighi. “If it can’t be me, I hope it’s another American. But I feel I’m in a really good place with my training to be able to go for it and I’m excited to share my training and some of the keys to my success with everyone in these videos.”

“We were thrilled that Meb let us come behind the scenes in his training to film these videos,” stated Bryan Pate, Co-Founder of ElliptiGO. “In January, we saw him come back from injury to capture a victory and National title at the age of 38, and we have no doubt he’s going to deliver another impressive performance in Boston. We wish him the best of luck and want to thank him for being so willing to share his journey with us.”

To join The ElliptiGO Project, elite athletes are required to have an inspiring running-related goal that they want to accomplish in the next two years and the desire to authentically integrate new training tools and techniques into their training in order to help them achieve their goal. All Project members must also be willing to share their training and results with other members of the Project. Each athlete uses new tools like the ElliptiGO in a slightly different way, so a major benefit to the team members is being able to communicate with each other and learn new ways to incorporate these devices into their own workout regimens.

The Project is currently recruiting elite athletes with ambitious goals who are interested in exploring innovative new ways of getting faster and staying healthy.

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