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When you think about endurance, what comes to mind? You might think about marathon runners or Ironman triathletes, but, with Mother’s Day around the corner, we want to remind you about the ultimate endurance sport: motherhood. Moms show us the power of the human body and the human spirit!

Many moms and moms-to-be struggle with finding fitness solutions during pregnancy and after. This major life change and physical change can make movement challenging. From fitness enthusiasts to professional athletes, ElliptiGO bikes have become a trusted tool for expecting and new moms, and we wanted to introduce you to some badass Moms on the GO! These riders have all made ElliptiGO a part of their journey into motherhood, and they have some great advice and tips on how to make it part of yours too!

Katie James

  • 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier, Exercise Physiologist, 3X All American, 2:34 Marathon PR
  • Rides an ElliptiGO 11R on the trainer and along the excellent bikeways and trails in Tucson, AZ
  • Started riding her ElliptiGO bike in 2019 as cross training for marathon training while dealing with some injuries

During Pregnancy
I LOVED having my ElliptiGO bike while I was pregnant. I was fortunately able to run for the duration of my pregnancy. However, with a rapidly changing body, running did become more difficult to navigate at times. I primarily used my ElliptiGO on the trainer to supplement running workouts during pregnancy. For me, workouts looked like 45-60 minute rides on the trainer at an easy/moderate effort. In the third trimester I was using my ElliptiGO 3-5 days a week to get a workout in. It was perfect in all ways to allow for weight bearing, and cardiovascular exercise. My baby also seemed to really enjoy GOing!

I honestly feel that the use of my ElliptiGO bike during pregnancy allowed birth to go more smoothly, and really allowed my recovery from birth to also be quicker as I was so strong! I also was able to begin running again at the recommended six weeks and did not suffer any large injury setbacks!

My ElliptiGO bike was very valuable in a return-to-run program postpartum. While I began core and pelvic floor restrengthening, I was able to use my ElliptiGO bike for weight-bearing exercise without the tough impact and rebuilding cardiovascular endurance. Initially, I used it on the trainer during nap time for the baby. I was able to do 30-60 minute rides easy/moderate, especially during the hard Tucson summers. During the summer I was riding inside on the trainer at least three days a week. Two months after birth I was comfortable enough to ride off the trainer outside again! As I found using the ElliptiGO bike pre-pregnancy, it made my transition back into running almost seamless. It was the perfect gateway back into running.

Nicole Tully

  • 2015 National 5k Champion, Finalist at the World Track & Field Championships, works full-time alongside running professionally
  • Rides an ElliptiGO 8C primarily on the stationary trainer
  • Started riding her ElliptiGO bike in 2016 while dealing with an injury

During Pregnancy
I did use my ElliptiGO bike while pregnant – especially in the third trimester. Running became challenging as my belly got bigger which was tougher on my joints and my bladder. I started to use my ElliptiGO bike more in place of running that last trimester so I could still get a good cardio workout, without stressing my body too much. It was a game-changer to help me keep both my sanity and fitness during the last trimester – especially because my last trimester was during the very beginning of the pandemic. Having the ElliptiGO bike on the stationary trainer in my house meant I could still exercise and not worry about possible COVID exposure.

I started back riding before I started back running. I started back on my ElliptiGO bike about four weeks postpartum just for short easy rides. Then, I increased my volume over the coming weeks/months while I started to add running back in. The biggest thing my ElliptiGO bike gave me postpartum was the opportunity to exercise. My baby was born at the beginning of the pandemic. I was home alone with him, gyms were closed, I couldn’t take him anywhere nor could I have many people come to my house. So, having the ElliptiGO bike on the stationary trainer in my house allowed me to exercise, feel like myself, and get a good sweat in… all while my baby napped and I could see him. It was a tiny bit of freedom during a time that had very little freedom.

My ElliptiGO bike gives me flexibility. I still try to run every other day, but I use my ElliptiGO bike to supplement runs on my off days. It gives me a way to train without having to have a babysitter or leave my house.

Advice for Active Moms and Moms-to-be
As you progress through your pregnancy, definitely consider swapping running miles for ElliptiGO miles. And don’t worry about sticking to a rigid schedule because every day will feel different. Some days running will feel great and you can go for miles. Some days running will feel awful and you’ll come back after running a block and hop on the ElliptiGO bike instead. It’s OK to figure it out as you go. And once the baby comes – the stationary trainer will be your best friend. Again – take it day by day. Some days the baby will nap for a while and you can go 30-45 minutes. Some days the baby won’t nap long and all you will get is 15… but something is better than nothing. Give yourself grace and flexibility and you’ll build your fitness back slowly but surely.

Kim Rose

  • Avid ElliptiGO rider and active community member, currently training for her first century ride, real estate professional
  • Rides an ElliptiGO 8C and MSUB both outdoors and indoors on the trainer
  • Started riding her ElliptiGO bike in 2021 when she was 11 months postpartum with her second child

Once I hit about 6 months postpartum with my second child, I knew I needed to make some changes with diet and exercise. I started using my indoor elliptical again but, with spring approaching, I knew I wanted something I could do outside. 

Pregnancy left me with chronic tailbone pain that I’ve had now for over 5 years. I wasn’t interested in trying a million bike seats only to discover that none work. I found someone local to me who had an ElliptiGO bike I could test out. 

I wasn’t sold at first but had a hunch I would love it. I asked the guy if he would consider selling it to me and he did! I was pretty nervous about falling at first, but 2 miles turned into 5, turned into 20, and recently I did 41 miles for the first time. 

I love how my ElliptiGO bike has completely changed my “mom body”. I’ve lost over 60 pounds and hope to lose a few more and then keep it off which I feel confident I can do as long as I keep GOing. I decided with the start of GERC GOGO season that I want to train for a metric century which has turned into training for a full century. I’m in the best shape of my life and I owe it all to my ElliptiGO bike. It has helped strengthen my legs, core, and arms – pretty much everything! I have paired it with some physical therapy for postpartum issues.

I’m pretty much a new person when it comes to fitness and exercise thanks to my ElliptiGO bike.

Jessica Reyes

  • Certified Running Coach, Personal Trainer, and Pre- & Postnatal Coach, 3:01 marathoner
  • Rides an ElliptiGO 11R primarily outdoors in sunny Long Beach, California
  • Started riding her ElliptiGO bike in 2020 when pregnancy started to make running uncomfortable

During Pregnancy
This was my main motivation for getting an ElliptiGO bike. Prior to pregnancy, I was running six days/week and averaging 40-50 miles. Once I got the ElliptiGO bike, I shifted to running twice/week and the ElliptiGO bike became the primary training device that I used three times/week. It allowed me to stay active and keep that volume in while protecting my body as it changed. Despite running for over 12 years prior to getting pregnant and training at a high level, my body did not adapt well to running during pregnancy. The ElliptiGO bike saved my sanity during pregnancy by allowing me to continue doing something I loved. While it isn’t running, it’s pretty darn close!

The ElliptiGO bike was the first thing I used when I was “cleared” at six weeks. My body wasn’t ready to run again until about 11-12 weeks postpartum, so I used the ElliptiGO to get back into a routine and gave my body a chance to build some strength without the impact. I slowly shifted to more running miles and fewer ElliptiGO miles over time. I ended up coming back to running a bit too early and had to take a break about two months after starting, so the ElliptiGO again became my primary source of exercise. I used it about four times/week to maintain my fitness base and keep myself ready to transition back to running. It was invaluable during this time when I also wasn’t able to go to a gym (pandemic and also new mom life means not really being able to step away for long periods of time).

Navigating Changes With Ease
The ElliptiGO bike is a great place to get started again after pregnancy and a wonderful way to stay fit during pregnancy. I’m not sure I would be where I’m at postpartum or have made the progress I have without my ElliptiGO bike.

I’ve been able to remain active after a huge physical change. Prior to pregnancy, I was never sidelined with a major injury that prevented me from running. I’ve had a few aches and pains that meant lowering my running volume postpartum, but having the ElliptiGO bike allowed me to cross-train easily and keep me running. It’s allowed me to work through the setbacks to keep progressing forward in a way I probably couldn’t have without this amazing machine!

Sarah Enjem

  • ElliptiGO’s Sales Operations Manager, outdoor enthusiast
  • Rides an ElliptiGO 11R primarily outdoors
  • Started riding her ElliptiGO bike she began working at ElliptiGO HQ in 2011

My ElliptiGO bike changed my whole postpartum recovery. When I returned to work after my first baby, I made it a point to ride two times a week for five miles. I saw significant benefits in my physical and mental health. Every pregnancy is different, but I did not integrate ElliptiGO into the recovery of my second pregnancy, and there is a stark contrast between the two experiences! 

An ElliptiGO bike is an amazing way to exercise because it allows you to get a fast, effective, and efficient workout, which is key for new moms. The lack of impact is really helpful for someone with a weak pelvic floor. Also, physical activity is a great way to combat all of the very common depression and anxiety issues new moms experience.

Heather Hanscom

  • Physician assistant, sixth-place finisher at the 2004 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, winner of the 2003 Marine Corps Marathon, 2:31 Marathon PR
  • Rides an ElliptiGO 8C, which she calls Big Red or The Red Dragon, primarily indoors on the trainer
  • Started riding her ElliptiGO bike during pregnancy when her running became limited and she was dealing with low blood pressure 

During Pregnancy
I bought my ElliptiGO bike when I noticed I was unable to run as far because of belly wall pain and simultaneously felt unchallenged due to shorter runs. I had some challenges with hypotension and felt safer riding at home. I enjoy riding on the road but can go faster and farther and get in a workout at a random spontaneous moment during the day. Plus, if I am multitasking and in a virtual meeting, the earbuds don’t put up any wind noises on the trainer.

I was cleared to ride my ElliptiGO bike (not a bicycle) before I was cleared to run! It was only because it was an ElliptiGO bike and I was standing up. Postpartum and home on maternity leave, riding my ElliptiGO bike was the only time I had for myself – even if Avery was napping right next to me.

I use the ElliptiGO bike to build my endurance and cardio fitness while increasing my running mileage more slowly. For the first 18 months after I had my daughter, using my ElliptiGO bike was my only consistent source of exercise and the only means to keep my sanity. 

I hurt my foot when my daughter was nine months old. Which also coincided with the onset of the COVID pandemic. I am a Physician Assistant in the hospital. I was able to keep exercising on my ElliptiGO bike, keep my fitness up while working through the pandemic, and watch my daughter when I was home as we did not have daycare. It was an easy way for me to get exercise while my daughter napped and while I was post-call.

Allow Yourself To Make Time For Movement

Don’t hesitate after you have been cleared by your healthcare provider. If you are worried about safety while pregnant or on the roads, the trainer is a great option. I used to set my daughter up in a play tent (aka playpen) and ride outside in our backyard while she played. It was amazing, we both had fun, and I loved that she saw me exercising. If you’re worried about body image, ride at home on the trainer until you feel comfortable. 

Also note that the people who are looking at you while you ride are actually enthralled with the ElliptiGO bike itself and not judging. And if they are, who cares; poor souls, those fools. If you’re worried about anything else, don’t. This is for you, your sanity, your health, and your family!

Curious to explore adding an ElliptiGO bike to your tool box for prenatal and postnatal training? Check out all of our bikes, plus the Fluid 365 Stationary Trainer

To all of the mothers in our community, Happy Mother’s Day!


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