New Rider Enjoying His “Ultimate” Bike

Editor’s Note: John Van Barriger won our “Ultimate Marathon Pack” bike giveaway earlier this year. We checked in with him recently to see how he’s enjoying his new ElliptiGO Arc.

John Van Barriger - Ultimate Marathon Pack Winner
I love the Arc! It was easy to learn to ride and is a great way to get exercise. After being unable to ride a bicycle due to a back injury in the early 1990s, plus a few knee surgeries in the interim, I am thrilled to get back on two wheels again!

Earlier this summer, I was preparing for a 500-mile kayaking trip on the Yukon River, so I didn’t get to ride it as much as I wanted, but it helped me get in shape for the trip and I am thankful for that. I plan on using it a lot more in the future because it’s such a great way to exercise and get in shape. I’ll also use it a great deal this fall and next spring as I’ll be kayaking the entire Yukon River (about 2,000 miles) as part of a charity endeavor to raise funds for firefighters, search-and-rescue units, and other first responders in 2017. The ElliptiGO will definitely help me prepare for that as well!

The thing that I most enjoy about the Arc is that I can bicycle again. After being unable to do so for so long, I felt like a kid again when I went swooping back-and-forth down my first hill on it. It’s also designed well, and has a rock-solid build, which I really appreciate.

The thing that surprised me most is how easy it was to ride and get comfortable with it. I was expecting a longer learning curve, but I watched the online videos and that was really all I needed.

I would absolutely recommend that people try an ElliptiGO bike. It will allow a lot of people who are unable to ride a traditional bicycle to get back out on the road again. I love it, and can’t say enough good things about it!

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