Put A Bow On A GO Winners Announced!

The decorations are back in storage. Holiday trees are out on the curb. You may think the holiday season has come to a close, but there’s one more present left to unwrap: the Gift of GO!

We want to send a heartfelt thank you to all the entrants in our Put A Bow On A GO contest. There were more than 1000 submissions made and over seven thousand votes cast. We cried, we smiled, and we had such a hard time selecting from the amazing nominations we received. The stories you shared about your friends, family and you have truly inspired us. It was so difficult to choose our winners that we decided to award a fifth bike! Our amazing community of fans and riders makes our job so rewarding. Without further ado, the merry new sleigh winners are…

Ashley Seymour
Nominated By Matthew McPherson

“Ashley Seymour has been blind since birth, but, with help from her friends, she has been able to do great things…In the last three years, Ashley has completed races from 5K to 10 miles long – smiling all the way…

I think riding an ElliptiGO bike indoors would help her keep healthy during the long winters in Michigan and off the slippery trails. On days when she can’t find someone to guide her on an outdoor run, her time spent on an ElliptiGO bike would keep her safe, in shape, and ready to race!

Keep smiling Ashley!”

Sid Busch
Nominated By Lindsay Abel

“Sid Busch is a retired submarine Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer…Not only has he spent his life serving our country, but he’s made it his life’s work to run marathons in honor of fallen soldiers so they are never forgotten.

In recent years, he’s been battling knee issues and recently completed a round of platelet injections which will hopefully allow him to get back to the marathon distance. He lives alone on a very limited income, feeding his two cats before he feeds himself. In addition to losing his wife and baby to a drunk driver in 1974, he just lost his mother last year — the last surviving member of his immediate family…

I feel an ElliptiGO bike will allow him to still get the benefits of running while saving his knees for his weekend missions of running for the fallen. I can’t think of anyone more deserving than Sid Busch.”

Edward Sullivan
Nominated By Linda Sullivan

“Ed is the kind of person who takes care of his family and friends and asks nothing in return. As a master plumber, he has spent many hours of his career providing free plumbing and heating service to widows and single moms…He personifies the outdoor lifestyle here in Colorado.

Recently, life has thrown a lot of challenges Ed’s way. He tore his Achilles tendon three years ago. He worked so hard at rehab, but the calf muscle in that leg never recovered to match his unaffected leg… In 2015, Ed suffered a case of Optic Shingles and it turned into Post Herpetic Neuralgia, an incurable painful condition…2018 tested us the most. We lost our 22-year-old son in June to a drug overdose. We are the faces of the opioid crisis in America.

I know my husband’s bio isn’t a feel-good story, but he has recovered through all of life’s challenges with exercise and this is what your company represents: a new and exciting way to enjoy the outdoors.”

Jana McKee
Nominated By Kevin McKee

“Jana McKee works insanely hard. She regularly puts in 60+ hour weeks working at her job as an elementary school teacher. Her class this year is a 3/4 combo of “at-risk” students, those kids who are in the process of falling through the cracks. She pours her heart and soul out to these kids…In addition to her all-consuming life as a teacher, she is a loving wife and mother of two great kids and a competitive distance runner.

She sacrifices a lot to pursue her passion for running… Miles feed her life and fitness feeds her soul. Now, well into her 50s, those years of running are catching up with her. Like many aging runners, years of pounding the pavement is slowly, inexorably wearing down her joints, bones, and tendons…

With an ElliptiGO bike, she could continue to log the oh-dark-thirty miles and have the energy for her students and her own family that only fitness can give! I cannot think of a more worthy recipient.”

Thomas Witt
Nominated By Marilyn King

“Meet Thomas Witt, retired from the United States Army Special Forces – serving from Sept 2003 to July 2016. Thomas is now on 100% disability due to chronic back, hip and knee injuries sustained from over 8 years as a paratrooper and from carrying over 100 pounds of gear for days on end in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Thomas served 2 lengthy deployments in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan…defusing roadside bombs and saving the lives of other soldiers on special missions.

Thomas keeps active as much as possible and works out, but is unable to ride a regular bike due to the pain in his back from bending over…
Thomas is very deserving of an ElliptiGO bike due to his selfless service to his country, his willingness to always help someone in need, and being a wonderful husband and father. I am proud to have him as my son-in-law.”

Congratulations to our winners, and many thanks again to Tera Moody, the generous ElliptiGO rider who made this contest possible.

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