Ride with Confidence

Trying anything new can be intimidating, and that’s OK. Many people new to ElliptiGO riding worry that they will have a difficult time learning. We can share that most people who are instructed through our local dealer test ride experience have great success, and are often surprised with how easy it really is!

One thing to remember is that an ElliptiGO bike shares many of the same handling characteristics as a traditional bike, and there are some big differences that make riding an ElliptiGO bike even easier:

  • Height. Since you will be higher off the ground, you will have greater visibility seeing what is happening around you. Furthermore, other people – pedestrians, cyclist, drivers – will be able to see you better.
  • Easy off. The standing position allows you to quickly step off if needed.
  • Not locked in. Many traditional bikes have toe clips that lock your feet to the pedals. Our bikes have a large platform that your feet move freely on. While we do offer toe cages as an option, most riders don’t keep them as tightly secured as conventional toe clips.
  • Unobstructed exit. If you do need to get off, there’s no center bar in your way. You can simply step off.

Now that you’re ready to give ElliptiGO a try, take a look at this helpful video that discusses the best body position for riding.

You’ve done your homework. Now all that’s left is to give an ElliptiGO bike a try at your local dealer. Get ready to stride with confidence and have a great ride!

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