Riding the Blues Away

“It’s like I walked out of a wheelchair,” Luke MacDonald said when he got his ElliptiGO bikes. Luke was a competitive runner, clocking a 10k personal best of 32:19, but severe hip pain started to get the best of him and he hung up his running shoes for years. His weight increased from 152 pounds to 213.

Luke MacDonald

Finally, he had enough. He bought two ElliptiGO long-stride bikes, which he named Jake and Elwood after the Blues Brothers because “I rode away my blues.” Luke has since reincorporated running into his exercise routine, and has now run sub-20 minute 5ks four years in a row. He is pictured with his Kenyan friend Johana Kariankei, and was able to keep up with Johana on his training run by ElliptiGO cycling. Way to GO, Luke!

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