Runners: Get Fit, Fast, and Avoid Injury with the ElliptiGO Bike

Running is great…until it hurts. Unfortunately, for many runners, overuse injuries happen all too often.  Previous research has shown up to 79% of runners had experienced a running-related injury in a 1-year period (van Gent et al., 2007). What’s a runner to do?

One answer for injury-prone or aging runners can be cross-training. A recent article from recommends runners incorporate two-to-three aerobic non-impact sessions per week. Aerobic non-impact exercise includes ElliptiGO riding, elliptical sessions and bike riding. This choice of exercise yields unparalleled benefits for the runner compared to other cross-training activities, since the runner can cross-train longer and harder and experience minimal impact on the body. As Competitor states, “When looking to add cross-training into your routine, an aerobic non-impact option should be your first choice.” The ElliptiGO bike is the perfect tool for a runner to maintain and build fitness, while allowing him or her to still enjoy the freedom of the outdoors.

For die-hard runners who still vow “nothing gets you faster at running than running,” consider this: according to a research study from Ohio University which compared ElliptiGO-only training and run-only training among competitive runners, similar improvements in ventilatory threshold were reported between ElliptiGO training and run training. This study also reported a maintenance of VO2max, respiratory compensation point, running economy and 5,000 meter time trial times for either ElliptiGO training or run training. And, one clear difference was the lower amounts of lower body soreness produced during ElliptiGO training compared to run training. For more information on the research study, click here.

Don’t let injuries get you down. Extend your running life by cross-training on the ElliptiGO bike.

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