Spinlister Partnership – Rent Your GO and Earn Some Dough

Every week we hear from ElliptiGO customers who are traveling or trying to plan a vacation, but they are unable to take their GOs and are looking to find a rental. Our recent partnership with Spinlister is the answer to this problem. Spinlister is a premier bike rental and sharing service that provides a platform to connect bike owners with active people looking to rent or borrow around the world. Through their service, owners list their bikes, renters search for a bike in their desired area and complete the rental process easily through their website or mobile app. Essentially, it’s an Airbnb for bikes.

We just recently launched this partnership so currently, there are only a few locations where an ElliptiGO rental is available, but our goal is to change that. We hope our ElliptiGO community considers renting out their ElliptiGO when they’re not out enjoying it themselves!

Listing your ElliptiGO Takes Less Than 10 Minutes
Once your ElliptiGO is listed on Spinlister’s global map, you’ll receive real-time requests from people who are interested in renting your GO and you’ll get paid directly from Spinlister any time your ride is booked. 

 To get started, click here to create an account. Next, click on “List A Ride”, click the Bike icon under Ride Type, and then click on the ElliptiGO icon listed in Bike Type. Note – While the icon depicts one of our elliptical bikes, it also is intended for our stand-up bikes.

For the images, you cannot use stock images from our website. You’ll need to upload images of your ElliptiGO bike. For the “Ride Description” feel free to enter your own creative copy or just pull some copy from our website. For rider height, select “Any” although we would not recommend renting your ElliptiGO to anyone shorter than 4’11”. Disregard the question re: frame size. In terms of rental rates, that’s completely up to you but if you are looking for some general guidance, we would suggest $10/hr, $50/day and $200/week. Once submitted, your ride will be approved within 24 hours and you’ll be good to go!

As you get started, we recommend keeping your ride available for “on-demand” booking – so you won’t need to worry about creating blackout periods or rental period limitations for your ride using Spinlister’s calendar tools. You’ll be in full control as you have the ability to accept or decline any rental request. 

 If you have any issues listing your ElliptiGO bike, please contact [email protected].

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