Start Your Own Group Ride

One of the highlights of my time in Ann Arbor was connecting with Thomas Russo for a ride. Like most of us, I do most of my rides by myself. However, I find it is much more fun to ride with other ElliptiGO riders. That’s what makes events like the 5 Boro Bike Tour, Winter Classic and ElliptiGO Rally so much fun – getting to hang out with and ride with other ElliptiGO riders. Back in San Diego, we have a group ride that happens once per month where we get 10-20 ElliptiGO riders together for a ride on a Saturday morning. We all enjoy catching up with each other and swapping stories for a few hours while we get in a long and fun ride up the coast.

I’m happy to see that ElliptiGO riding groups are starting to form in other parts of the country. In Naples, Florida there is a similar-sized group that has been riding together for several months now. In Arizona, there are folks in both Tucson and the Phoenix area that get together for rides. I’m told that Virginia now has a riding group and I believe there is a group of ElliptiGO riders who get together in Oklahoma City to ride together.

During our ride, Thomas mentioned that he had tried to get a group together in Southeast Michigan to do group rides a few years back but it didn’t come together. We are trying to restart that group. If you want more information about the Southeastern Michigan group, please let me know. Also, if you want to see if there’s a group in your area, GERC (The Global ElliptiGO Riders Club) has become the central destination for group riding clubs and events. You can find info about groups in your area on their website, and if you want to start a group, they can help put you in touch with other riders near you. If you aren’t already familiar with GERC, visit their website.

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