Operating The Elliptigo

Operating The Elliptigo

Do you offer any training plans or programmed workouts?

We have a library of pre-recorded workouts for indoor ElliptiGO bike use and we also offer live classes with a trainer via zoom. Visit here to gain access.

What are the weight limitations on ElliptiGO bikes?

The following are suitable ElliptiGO bike models based on your weight:

  • 250lbs (113 kg) or less: All models are suitable for you.
  • Between 251 – 300lbs (114-136 kg): Only the ElliptiGO MSUB and RSUB are suitable for you.
  • Greater than 300lbs (136 kg): Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a bike to offer you. Your safety is our primary concern, and we do not currently have products that are rated for safe use at your weight. We hope to continue expanding our bike offerings for more inclusivity in the future.

Do ElliptiGO bikes fit on standard bike racks?

Our bikes will fit on several standard roof, trunk and trailer hitch racks; however, they will not fit all of them. If you are considering a rack and have questions about whether it will fit your ElliptiGO bikes, please email us at [email protected].

Here are the racks we recommend and work well with ElliptiGO bikes:

INNO Rack Hitch Rack Single

INNO Rack Hitch Rack Double

These rack options have a removable sleeve (adapter) to fit either a 1.25” or 2” hitch receiver. This makes the rack more universal to be used between two different vehicles. They come with all hardware necessary for assembly as well as keyed lock to secure your rack to your vehicle.

  • Fits 1.25”-2” hitch receivers
  • Front handle to allow easy access to fold rack up or tilt down
  • Tilt way feature to allow rear trunk access
  • Fold-up when not in use
  • Comes with bicycle keyed cable lock
  • Comes with keyed adjustment knob to lock rack to vehicle
  • Has integrated stopper to easily set the rack into a fixed position on hitch receiver
  • Easy to use wheel adjusters to fit 20” to 27.5” ElliptiGO bicycles
  • Easy to assemble and secure to vehicle using twist adjustment knob
  • Weight capacity (per bike): 60 lbs
  • Maximum tire width: 3.0″
  • Maximum wheelbase: 54″
  • Wheel diameter: 20″ – 29″
  • Distance between bikes: 9-1/2″
  • Weight: 30 lbs (single) 48lbs (double)
  • Limited lifetime warranty


How can an ElliptiGO bike be transported?

The 11R and 8S models come with a foldable steering column that reduces their height to 27″ (68.6 cm). All other models have a telescoping steering column that can be removed completely to reduce their height to 27″ for storage and transport. As a result, all ElliptiGO bikes can fit in the back of most SUVs and station wagons and many hatchbacks. In fact, because of the low height of the bikes, often two or even three of our models can be transported side by side in SUVs and station wagons. Stand up bikes will also fit on several commercially available racks and mounts, including:

“Gordo Trunk Rack” by Hollywood Racks – Holds 1 stand up bike.

“Sport Rider 2 Heavy Duty Hitch Rack” with ElliptiGO modifications by Hollywood Racks – Holds 2 stand up bikes or 1 stand up bike and 1 regular bike.

“BT-EGO Roof Rack” by Atoc – Holds 1 stand up bike per tray.

Can I use my ElliptiGO Bike indoors?

Yes, we recommend our Fluid 365 indoor trainer to use with your model ElliptiGO to ride year-round. This trainer will fit all our models and we have several support videos that demonstrate how to use this trainer and training programs.

What kind of terrain is appropriate for an ElliptiGO bike?

All ElliptiGO stand up bikes are designed for and will perform on paved surfaces. Though, the only ElliptiGO bike built for off-road riding is the MSUB.

Using the Kickstand

ElliptiGO long-stride models are equipped with a very stable, double-leg kickstand. Although it may be tempting, it is important that you DO NOT stand on the bike while it is on the kickstand. The kickstand is not designed to support more than the weight of the bike. Standing on the bike with the kickstand down can damage both the frame and kickstand, thus voiding your warranty.

Compact-stride and SUB models are equipped with a traditional kickstand.

What’s the best way to adjust it to fit me?

Probably the best way to adjust the bike is to have someone look at your riding posture. If you are too hunched over, raise the handlebars. If you are reaching too far forward, rotate the handlebars back. If the stride length is too long, shorten it on our long- and compact-stride bikes. What you’ll find is that there is a wide range of potentially comfortable configurations for any one rider and finding the optimal riding configuration can be done pretty quickly.

What is a suitable height range for riding ElliptiGO bikes?

Riders between 4’11” to 6’8″ (1.5 m to 2.0 m) can enjoy ElliptiGO bikes.

What type of footwear is recommended when riding the ElliptiGO?

ElliptiGO bikes can be ridden using almost any closed-toed shoe that does not have a high-heel. We recommend wearing running shoes because they are comfortable and tend to breathe well.

How many speeds are there?

Speeds and gearing vary across our bike models.

Long-Stride Family
11R – 11 gears
8C – 8 gears
3C – 3 gears

Compact-Stride Family
Arc 24 – 24 gears
Arc 8 – 8 gears
Arc 3 – 3 gears

Stand Up Bike Family
SUB – 8 gears
MSUB – 10 gears
RSUB – 8 gears

You can change gears by using a trigger shifter located on the handlebars.

How does the braking system work?

Much like the standard brakes on road and mountain bikes, the braking system on your ElliptiGO bike consists of hand levers that actuate brakes on the front and rear wheels. You may have rim or disc brakes depending on the bike model you choose.

Is it easy to ride in urban or high-traffic areas?

Riding an ElliptiGO bike in urban areas is no different than riding a bicycle. The advantage that ElliptiGO bikes have over traditional bicycles is that you have an elevated line of sight, giving you better visibility, making it easier for pedestrians, drivers and other cyclists to see you.

How long does it take to get comfortable on it?

Most people get comfortable on their ElliptiGO bike within 5 minutes of riding it and many within 30 seconds. Watch a video of customers talking about what it’s like to ride an ElliptiGO bike.

How easy is it to balance?

ElliptiGO bikes require about the same amount of balance as traditional bicycles. Watch a video of customers talking about what it’s like to ride a stand up bike.

How easy is it to ride?

We’ve found that very few people are unable to ride a stand up bike the first time they get on it. Like anything new and different, it may take a few minutes to get used to, but it’s easy to ride and very stable. Watch one of our many riding videos to learn more.

How easy is it to assemble the ElliptiGO bike?

Your ElliptiGO bike will arrive almost completely assembled, no tools required. For more on how to unpack your ElliptiGO, please see our Getting Started videos  or contact service at [email protected] or 888.796.8227.