Sports Performance

Sports Performance

Do school teams get a lot of use out of the stationary trainer?

More than 75% of our school and performance athletes utilize the stationary trainer.  While it is very useful for schools that have colder seasons and inclement weather, it also helps teams in warmer climates to get greater amounts of use regardless of where their team practices.  Also for athletes that are less comfortable with bikes, this allows them the ability to get in those higher intensity workouts and grow their comfort on the bike.

On the elliptical bikes, should I change the stride length for shorter athletes?

These stride adjustments should typically be reserved only for people that have very limited range of motion.  Therefore, most school teams will keep the stride length at the longest setting (25″).  Some schools that have more than one unit will set one of the bikes at the 2nd longest setting (22″) for some of their shorter athletes (below 5’0″) that may feel that the long stride is uncomfortable.  But we find that this is usually rare and even the short athletes enjoy the longer setting.

How many ElliptiGOs do school teams usually buy?

Most schools have the goal of getting at least 2 units as they realize one of the biggest benefits of the ElliptiGO bike is to allow athletes to train together, which helps with motivation, accountability, and overall enjoyment.

What’s a typical conversion between running miles and ElliptiGO miles?

We try to get people away from trying to figure out a formula for distance conversion and focus more on the variables that matter most, which are time and heart rate (or simply using perceived effort).  If you’re able to achieve the same perceived effort over a desired time duration, your body will benefit in the same way.  Some coaches and athletes will err on longer intervals and sessions since there isn’t the risk of impact that is associated with running sessions.

What’s the best way to integrate ElliptiGO training into an existing running schedule?

This can be done in many ways.  If fully replacing run workouts, you can replicate those workouts on the ElliptiGO bike by using time and effort as your workout indicators.  To add volume to an existing training plan, ElliptiGO can be added onto the end of a run as an “ElliptiGO” chaser, or extra ElliptiGO training sessions can be added as secondary recovery sessions to help flush the body and better prepare the athlete for their next running workout. Please review our training integration area for more details.

Where do school teams ride their ElliptiGO’s?

ElliptiGO bikes can be ridden anywhere a road bike is ridden.  Some schools have bike paths, rail trails, and green ways near their school that make for great riding, even in groups. Many schools will stay on campus and utilize the outer lanes of the outdoor track for both easy sessions and workouts. Other schools that are limited by terrain and space will further utilize the stationary trainer that can be set up at any practice location both indoors and outdoors to keep athletes at practice with their team.