ElliptiGO HQ Storms the Desert

ElliptiGO TeamTo the desert we go! Four intrepid ElliptiGO HQ riders took on the Tour de Palm Springs in February with their ElliptiGO bikes in tow.

The Tour de Palm Springs is a charity cycling ride benefiting charities in Coachella Valley outside of Los Angeles. Team ElliptiGO joined thousands of cyclists riding in one of four distances available:  10, 25, 50 and 100 miles. ElliptiGO HQ opted for a spirited jaunt in the 25 Mile “Ride Through the Towns” option, which wound through Palm Springs, Cathedral City and Palm Desert.

The team shared their favorite reasons why they love riding the ElliptiGO bike:

Derek White“What I love most about the ElliptiGO bike is the level of comfort, reduced recovery time and lack of nagging pain after completing a long ride. Often times after finishing long rides on my mountain or road bike, I’ll feel completely destroyed for days. With the ElliptiGO bike, not only can I easily and comfortably push myself to my maximal cardiac output, but I notice a considerable reduction in the amount of time needed for my legs and core to fully recover from a big ride.”

-Derek White, Customer Service and Inside Sales Representative

Keri Cleeremans“I love the opportunity to show other cyclists how amazing the GO can perform and generate the buzz of ‘wow, look at that thing go’!  Being able to participate in cycling events on the GO is super fun, challenging and rewarding when finishing strongly.  Not that I’m competitive.”
(Editor’s note: wink wink)

– Keri Cleeremans, Service Manager



Djohara Vande Casteele


“I love the pure freedom and bliss that you can experience while riding and standing at the same time. Riding my ElliptiGO bike means joy—not just after, but during my workout. It’s the ultimate combo of free movement, speedy sensations, going places and getting a kickass full body workout, even when I don’t have much time.

“Astonishingly, I feel GREAT, even the day after having done a monster ride. It’s like nothing happened, while I clearly notice the impact it has on my overall fitness and energy levels. In a matter of just weeks, it helped me lose weight and transformed me into a faster and stronger runner. I feel safer in traffic (you see me, I see you!) and am able to enjoy the scenery far more, than when I’m hunched over my road bike. Lastly, it’s so convenient that I can wear whatever I want (long skirt, tights, flip flops… you name it) and hop on the GO. Hallelujah to ditching padded shorts and chamois cream! I even enjoy the rhythmical whoosh whoosh sound, probably because it discloses the soul of the machine I’m riding.”

– Djohara Vande Casteele, Strategic Marketing Manager

Madeleine Marecki“I love the feeling of adventure the ElliptiGO bike gives me. As a runner, there’s only so far I travel on each run, and with the ElliptiGO bike, I can easily more than double and triple my typical run distance. The places I get to explore, the feeling of the wind in my face, the fun burn of a climb and the thrill of the descent keep me coming back for more.”

– Madeleine Marecki,
Marketing Communications Manager




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