Two Adventurers to Follow Down Under

Ride an ElliptiGO bike across Australia? Emma Timmis of Great Britain and Jake Wilcox of Washington state (U.S.) are all in! Emma and Jake are riding separate solo journeys, with Emma riding west to east across the continent and Jake pedaling north to south. Both have hitched a trailer behind their ElliptiGO bikes to carry their essentials as they make their epic journeys. Lucky for followers, both Emma and Jake are sharing their adventures on social media so people can feel like they are riding right alongside.

Emma is no stranger to ultra-endurance events, having previously run across Africa and roller-skated across the Netherlands, among many exploits. She began her current 4,900+ mile (8,000 kilometer) ElliptiGO trek on August 25th with a goal of averaging around 60 miles (100 kilometers) a day. She shares, “As part of this adventure, I’ll be raising money and awareness for One Girl to educate girls in Africa. I’ll be ‘Doing it in a Dress’ to get in the fundraising spirit. If you want to join me on a bike at some point, I do have a spare dress! If you want to donate, please visit my fundraising page.”

Emma has been posting engaging photos on her Instagram page and daily vlogs on her Facebook page, sharing everything from scenes of the beautiful Australian countryside, to interesting people she meets. She anticipates her expedition to take two and a half months and is live tracking her progress.

Traveling in a different direction is Jake, who is a specialist in long distance, non-motorized journeys. Jake is likewise a seasoned endurance adventure seeker, having biked across North America, walked across Spain and trekked solo to the Arctic Circle. His pan-Australia ElliptiGO challenge is part of his brainchild, project Venture500, where he aims to complete 50 expeditions of more than 500 miles each, while crossing every continent non-motorized.

Jake is riding 2,600 miles (4,200 kilometers) through the Australian Outback. His breathtaking photos on Instagram and his Facebook video recaps, complete with captivating footage and cool soundtracks, make you feel like you are right there with him. Jake says, “This year I’ll be raising funds for the not-for-profit organization, The Nature Conservancy, a charity whose mission for over 60 years has been to conserve the land and water on which all life depends.”

Safe travels to our ElliptiGO adventurers and we will continue to follow every pedal stroke!

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