Rider of the Year Blends Support, Energy and Enthusiasm

As we wrap up the 2015 year, we’re departing from our usual “Rider of the Month” to look at a larger body of work and accomplishments demonstrated by Carol Galgano, the 2015 ElliptiGO Rider of the Year!

Carol Galgano - Palomar Mountain

Tackling Palomar Mountain in 2014

Galgano embodies the attributes we appreciate most about the ElliptiGO community: supportive, energetic, enthusiastic and innovative. She’s quick to applaud the accomplishments of fellow riders or to throw out a “we’ve all been there” when someone is not hitting their self-imposed goals. She provides invaluable first-person experience on training techniques and their effects, developed by simply going out and trying new things. Though she lives on the east coast, she doesn’t hesitate to join the ElliptiGO Rally Weekend in Solana Beach, California, meeting old and new friends and challenging herself on new rides and faster paces. She has even overseen a custom “remodeling” on one of her multiple ElliptiGO bikes (she owns all four models, including a new Arc), which now sports a pristeen white paint job.

Read on to learn how she found her dream ride, what she enjoys most about being a part of the ElliptiGO family, and how she manages to keep all of her bikes happy!

Carol Galgano - 5 Boro Bike Tour

At the 2015 NYC Five Boro Bike Tour

When did you first start riding an ElliptiGO bike, and what was the catalyst that caused you to invest in one? What model was that?

Until August 2010 I had been recreationally running, but I decided to stop suddenly due to the onset of foot issues. Two weeks after I had stopped, I happened to be leaving Boulder, Colo., after dropping my daughter off at college, and I saw a green ElliptiGO bike go by. When the native Coloradans were craning their necks to view the bike as well as me, I knew I was onto something new. There was no question at that point I was going to obtain one. Everything about the device registered positively in my mind, including the fact that the individual was riding in Boulder, so I knew the bike could handle hills!

I went back home and googled “Elliptical Bicycle.” I immediately found it and got in touch with the company ElliptiGO. At the time there weren’t any dealers in my area, but the folks at ElliptiGO recommended I try one with Michael Gostigian, a personal trainer on the east coast who is an ElliptiGO owner. Everything that had registered positively in my mind when I saw the bike was instantly confirmed when I tried it. I immediately ordered an 8S.

Since you own all four models of ElliptiGO bikes, how do you decide which one to ride on any given day? Are you afraid one will feel neglected?

Prior to getting my Arc, I had been riding my 8C and 3C to assist me in learning how to ride on hilly terrain. Because they have fewer gear options than my 11R, they essentially forced me to behave in certain ways on terrain that brought me lessons in advantages/disadvantages as far as resistance/nonresistance from limited gearing. After gaining that experience, I now mostly ride my 11R, as I now know the proper gear range to bring me the best advantage on the terrain I ride. My additional ElliptiGOs are being used as “guest GOs.”

Carol Galgano with ElliptiGO Arc

Galgano and her latest ElliptiGO bike, the Arc

My new Arc adds a different dimensional spin as far as cadence, stride, positioning and shifting. With the complete, full body workout I get from riding the long-stride ElliptiGO bikes, ironically, the Arc brings even more of a dynamic in that regard and, like the long-stride bikes, the Arc is limitless as far as where I can take it – or better yet, where it takes me!

What does a typical week of riding look like for you?

I usually ride about three times a week, although I wish it could be more. I ride about 30 miles during the week and, when I can, up to 50 miles on the weekends. I enjoy riding in charity and event rides. They exist for good causes, and I take pleasure in trying to complete a ride on the ElliptiGO that’s been laid out on unforeseen (to me) terrain. I find the rides to be challenging, refreshing, invigorating and a change of scenery.

What do you enjoy most about the ElliptiGO community?

Everybody I’ve met and/or communicate with relative to ElliptiGO has been AWESOME! Riding and corresponding with people in the ElliptiGO community has opened me up to so many special individuals who ride. I have learned and benefited so much from them. Each and every one of them brings their own individuality, qualities, characteristics, attributes, positive energy and invaluable advice to the table, and I am exceedingly grateful to them for it. Because of them, I want to bring my riding to higher plateaus. ElliptiGO riders rock!

What is one great memory you have from riding this year? 

I have so many great memories related to riding – all of the charity rides I’ve ridden with fellow riders, attending Winter Classic and Summer Classic – but one of my greatest memories from this past year was attending the 2015 ElliptiGO Rally and being a spectator at the ElliptiGO World Championships. After so many years of looking for a strenuous, fulfilling workout, stumbling across the ElliptiGO bike and knowing full well how much of a mind blowing, challenging, complete endorphin rush, non-impact, fun workout ElliptiGO riding is, to watch all those who competed and completed the Palomar Mountain climb at such steady paces – even as the grade and intensity of the mountain increased – is unfathomable to me. I certainly was witness to athleticism at its best!

What are your riding plans & goals for 2016?

Being a mom of five daughters – a 26-year-old and 24-year-old quadruplets – I anticipate and look forward to busy endeavors coming down the pike in 2016. It’s awesome for me to be able to access my ElliptiGO bikes whenever I want plus maintain all-around good health while utilizing such a fun, freeing, challenging, limitless, well-rounded, cross-training piece of fitness equipment right from my own backyard. ElliptiGO bikes truly are gems. My plan for 2016 is to ride!


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  2. […] from New York City on June 2, riding a custom-painted 11-speed white ElliptiGO borrowed from 2015 ElliptiGO Rider of the Year Carol Galgano. “I admire him for taking this journey,” Galgano said. “It’s a brave step that […]

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