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On Oct. 20, ElliptiGO hosted the 9th annual Elliptical Cycling World Championships, which took athletes up Palomar Mountain in North San Diego County. The 11.69 mile route rises 4,209 feet to the summit at an average grade of 7%. Rusty Snow took top honors for men for the seventh year in a row, finishing in 1:12:21. Whitney Krempin placed first among women with a time of 1:38:41. Jeff Caron and Bryce Whiting joined Snow on the men’s podium. Laura Hagley and Kristin Schliecher joined Krempin on the women’s podium.

See photos from the event here — and don’t be afraid to save and share your favorites! You can read a recap of all the Rally Weekend highlights here. Want to take part in 2019? Learn what it takes to qualify for this invitation-only event.

Overall Results from the 2018 Elliptical Cycling World Championships

OverallNameFinish Time
1Rusty Snow1:12:21
2Billy Grace1:17:30
3Brian Kildow1:21:19
4Jeff Caron1:23:57
5Bryce Whiting1:31:14
6Jordan Trump1:35:26
7Molly Brown1:36:46
8Whitney Krempin1:38:41
9Jeff Mann1:40:38
10Peter Hand1:43:41
11Bryan Pate1:44:02
12Laura Hagley1:44:18
13Keri Cleeremans1:45:44
14Steve Loewenkamp1:50:15
15Bob Rowden1:50:20
16Chris Branson1:51:40
17Eric Korevaar1:52:14
18Jim Cremer1:53:34
19Eric Broussard1:55:17
20David Sellers1:56:33
21Kristin Schleicher1:59:05
22Kendall Trump2:03:03
23Clint Greenbaum2:03:46
24Anna Thatcher2:08:57
25Anissa Andres2:09:23
26Margarita Rypkowski2:13:23
27Patti Stirk2:16:13
28Jeff Baker2:16:41
29Clay Whiting2:19:00
30Bill Pinnell2:20:14
31Steve Hughes2:24:19
32Didi Schenk2:29:15
33Mike Miller2:32:25
34Lyn Huston2:34:13
35Mimi Vishio2:38:00
Dave Griffith1:35:15 * South Grade Road Only

Results from the 2018 Elliptical Cycling World Championships – Men

1Rusty Snow1:12:21
2Jeff Caron1:23:57
3Bryce Whiting1:31:14
4Jordan Trump1:35:26
5Jeff Mann1:40:38
6Peter Hand1:43:41
7Bryan Pate1:44:02
6Steve Loewenkamp1:50:15
7Bob Rowden1:50:20
8Chris Branson1:51:40
9Eric Korevaar1:52:14
10Jim Cremer1:53:34
11Eric Broussard1:55:17
12David Sellers1:56:33
15Clint Greenbaum2:03:46
16Jeff Baker2:16:41
17Clay Whiting2:19:00
18Bill Pinnell2:20:14
19Steve Hughes2:24:19
20Mike Miller2:32:25

Results from the 2018 Elliptical Cycling World Championships – Women

1Whitney Krempin1:38:41
2Laura Hagley1:44:18
3Kristin Schleicher1:59:05
4Kendall Trump2:03:03
5Anna Thatcher2:08:57
6Anissa Andres2:09:23
7Patti Stirk2:16:13
8Didi Schenk2:29:15
9Mimi Vishio2:38:00

There were numerous participants who raced on a SUB (stand up bike), ElliptiGO’s newest product. While they were not eligible to compete for the Elliptical Cycling Championships, they clearly proved their capability as you can see in the results below. ElliptiGO is excited to announce that SUBs will have their own category to compete in during the World Championship next year.

Results from the 2018 Elliptical Cycling World Championships – SUB Participants

1Billy Grace1:17:30
2Brian Kildow1:21:19
3Molly Brown1:36:46
4Keri Cleeremans1:45:44
5Margarita Rypkowski2:13:23
6Lyn Huston2:34:13



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